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Is Social Media a Fad or the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution?
Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, You tube, Digg it, Foursquare, Buzz, Linked in and so on.....
Do these word excite you?
Well for me they do but even better they CONFUSE me... [smiley]
Social Media- Work in Full Pro...
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At the outset, I must confess that I don't know much about Social Media Marketing. Also, I am inherently biased towards mass media. So you may take my opinion with a pinch of salt.

I am skeptical about SMM in India for a while. Though it may seem cool to harp about taking your brand social, one needs to understand the limitations of the same. These points are largely from a stakeholder perspective.

1. Penetration: PC penetration in India is low and Internet is even lower. Mobile phones have come up in a big way, and are being billed as the growth driver for SMM in India. However, my concern is with ARPU's consistently falling for the operators across markets, will this dream really materialize ?

2. Reach: A term often abused by Media Planners, it is still a critical benchmark of how much a media/medium/property can deliver in terms of reaching a large set of audiences. So while the standard argument of reach vs engagement can always be made, we must realize that to reach a large population of the country, mass media still delivers, at a fairly low cost. Though it could work well for brands catering to a niche, I am concerned about how Social Media would fare for brands targeting the mass market.

3. The business need to quantify: A need which arises from the fact that every advertiser wants the maximum bang for the buck. Unless they see numbers, no amount of convincing will be useful to make them move their money from traditional media. For most mass media today, there are joint industry bodies which have set up ways to measure audiences ( TAM for TV, IRS for Newspapers / Magazines ). This becomes the default trading currency, which is acceptable to all stakeholders. This is easy to implement as mass media is still ( and always will be ) controlled by a limited number of people. Given the open nature of the internet, it could be a difficult task.

4. Lack of Comparability: The way the industry measures the return on a media campaign is standardized by a term called Gross Rating Points (GRP's). Though it is calculated differently for each mass medium, the GRP's of each medium are eventually added to give a final number, which indicated how much the media plan delivered.

Now consider the scenario which Apurv mentioned in the previous post. You go to a 45 year old brand manager and tell him about SMM. You need to convince him to move his monies from other media to Social Media. He would ask you to the GRP's it will deliver. Since there is no standard metric to measure the ROI on the investment, it then depends on how well you can sell . What we need more than anything is a change of mindsets, which either will come with awareness or as Apurv mentioned, the newer generation replacing the old

Here I would also want to bring to notice two theories from academia

1. Political Economy of Audience Information systems: There will always be stakeholder resistance when one is looking to upset the given order. In the case of advertisers and planners, this has been proved in India as well. Will not dwell much into it .( Eg TAM & Amap). Hence, combined with the absence of a acceptable way to measure audiences, SMM has serious issues which could hinder its take off.

2. Social Construction of Technology: It argues that the way a technology is used needs to be understood in the social context.In other words, Technology does not shape human action, but human action shapes technology.

The point of quoting this theory is that one of the single biggest concerns facing the Social Media landscape from a consumer point of view is privacy (Facebook tweaking its privacy policy constantly). Today,as individuals we may be comfortable in sharing our lives online, which is why Social Media is picking up. However, that may not be the case always, which may upset this sweet growth story.

So before we worry about building a career in SMM, I guess anyone who understands marketing can move into SMM at a later stage (provided it takes off), if one is willing to keep eyes and ears open.

Also, I would recommend a fantastic book, The Hyperlinked Society: Questioning Connections in the digital age, which could give you some amazing ideas as to how the internet is influencing every aspect of our lives. It can be accessed for free here : The Hyperlinked Society: Questioning Connections in the Digital Age / Joseph Turow and Lokman Tsui, Editors

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Here is an article on "Social Media" written by me in my college magazine.
Social Media Marketing
Shruti Verma (MBE Final)
Social Media Sites such as Facebook, twitter, blogs and flickr, to name a few, have become integral part of common mans life. If you find this hard to believe, ha...
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The generation of people who are heading big brands and big companies now come from our generation minus one or minus two. It's hard for them to get the juice of websites such as Twitter and Facebook and the cultural quirks of the Internet in general (for many of them, Facebook is just a way to k...
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Sometimes. For example, if we're doing SMM for a financial client, it's important that the information be bang-on. So sometimes we go in for co-creation of content, which is the way it should be. Any info that we create should be cleared by the client. An agency is obviously not expected to have ...
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IT companies mainly use SMM on a corporate front. For example, check out the FB and Twitter profiles of Infosys. They do a damn decent job. Official Facebook page + company blog is the norm.
But there's scope for so much more, such as sharing documents and videos, reaching out to aspirants, e...
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Moving onto tarunceo's questions:
Let me put it this way. When you start a blog, you don't expect the entire world to come and read it, do you? You'll expect your close bunch of 3-4 people to religiously read it, and spread the word when you come out with a really good post. This way, in a cou...
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Kya bhai saab, do you want me to sell pencils on the road?
Alright. Now that I have a bit of time, let me try answering questions. First, a few disclaimers:
1. While I work for a social media agency, I am not going evangelize social media or sell my agency, I will try to answer everything ...
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1. Good relationships are not made in a day. You do not ask a girl to marry you on your first meeting. That is why this takes time.
2. FB, LinkedIn etc are not tools. They are just medium. Tomorrow some other websites might come over so do not obsess over them. How much time it might take y...
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Just a small li'l link on " The Fad called Social Media"
YouTube - Social Media Revolution
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Thank you Rohit Bhai, for taking time out of your busy schedule.
I went through your insights and found another query for you.
How do we really implement a social media strategy and is there any such thing as Social Media Strategy?
And,another big question is,how do we really start inter...
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I have wanted to write on this thread but been bit busy. I actually wanted to write a long post briefing on the common misconceptions and what I feel is the right way. But please give me some time for that.
Firstly, stay away from anyone who says I am a "Social Media Guru/Expert". And yes, Soc...
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Thank you puys for joining in.:)
Special Thanks to Deepak for guiding us over here.:)
My Questions will be..
1. Does one need to have a in depth knowledge of a product/service before hand, for us to market it in social media space?
Like for eg, i had to market financial services of a ...
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I dont know much about SMM but have heard a lot about it. So a few qs from my perspective...
1. SMM and its usage in IT sector
2. is it used in IT sector if yes how...
I know these are bacha type qs still
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ya sure,
so here are some stupid questions waiting for some smart answers......
1. Why does it take a hell lot of time in Social media marketing?
2. Now fb,linkedin,youtube,twitter are the best tools though orkut is outdated now but what more kind of tools you can suggest?
3. what is ...
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Since work has taken over, I can't guarantee too much time on this thread. So rather than just generically gas away about social media (there are tons of websites anyway), why don't you ask me specific questions, and I can try to tackle them.
The more specific the better.
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Great Initiative Ankur bhai
and Kudos to Deepak bhai for his guidance....:cheerio::cheerio:
I am looking forward to learn tricks and ways to enrich my Gyaan on my Favourite Topic i.e. Social Media Marketing.
i request Deepak sir to put some Roshni on this topic.
P.S.- Also like to In...
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Thanks for starting this thread, Ankur.
I'm a social media professional based in Bombay. Do check out my company's website: Windchimes Communication : A Social Media Agency. There is a wealth of information on social media available on the website.
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