Official Announcement - CAUTION NOTICE to all GMAT section users GMAT & GRE Prep

Dear all,
Many of you would be aware that the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), which conducts the GMAT examination has sued Scoretop.com for publishing copyrighted and confidential material on its website and is looking to also sue users who have accessed that material.
While w...
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Dear all,

Many of you would be aware that the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), which conducts the GMAT examination has sued Scoretop.com for publishing copyrighted and confidential material on its website and is looking to also sue users who have accessed that material.

While we at PaGaLGuY are committed to helping you provide the best possible resources to prepare for GMAT, it does not include using unfair or illegal means, as has already been informed to you in PaGaLGuY.com's Terms of Usage. Using what is not yours without paying, or accessing materials that are meant to be confidential are both punishable offences and PaGaLGuY.com does not support either.

We hereby caution all users of the GMAT section against posting ANY copyrighted material on the forums, whether it is Kaplan, Veritas, ManhattanGMAT or anything else that is meant to be bought for usage and not shared for free.

We'd further like to make it clear that in the case of any agency finding a User posting copyright material, we will cooperate fully with that agency to identify and trace the offending user with the help of IP addresses and legal authorities. PaGaLGuY.com does not support illegal means of sharing and will not shield users who indulge in posting such material on these forums. Although our Moderators make sure such material gets deleted from the site, but if you still are aware of such material's existence on PaGaLGuY, please report it to us.

If any of you has already posted copyrighted/paid GMAT preparation material on these forums without our knowledge, please let us know immediately by mailing to editorpagalguycom and we will help you correct your mistake and clean it up. If you have posted such material on the site and choose not to cooperate with us, we will not hesitate in cooperating with the authorities to trace you if and when they take up the issue with us.

Please spread the message in the community and help us keep PaGaLGuY a clean and legal place to prepare for GMAT.

To summarize the above - we ask you to be cautious while posting/uploading material and verify if it is legal to do it. If we find anyone posting material illegally on PaGaLGuY, the responsibility of preotecting himself/herself from legal action lies solely on him.

Those using the site in a fair and legal way, please continue to do so and ignore this message :D.

All the Best,

thnx for this
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Wrong thread buddy
anyway,regarding your query,i got 690 and 710 in the prep software and 760 in the real test.i found the real test easier..but you can never say..the real test questions come from a huge database and on your day you could get an easier set or a tougher set.
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Guys I havent been that active on Pagalguy but whatever I could read so far from all your discussions has been really helpful.
However I had few queries one being I have started preparing since last 2 weeks and intial test I gave I got a score of 630-640 odd just wanted to have an idea that c...
GMAC has ended its investigation and has communicated to the people concerned. So if you were worried that you could be in the firing line and haven't heard anything yet, you can relax and continue with regular life...
Read the report here:
Nearly 100 Would-Be MBAs Nailed in GMAT Scandal
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cool - then we have to buy most of the stuff!!! not great, but law it is!
No MBA for me right now - which could mean also mean "ever" since it now looks too late in my life/career
I am getting a lot of mails/PMs/calls asking me about what the email from GMAC means and what the 6000+ people who suscribed to the VIP membership. I really don't have an answer since FAQ...
To add, GMAC has said that it will initially focus on those who posted 'real' questions. This would take most of the VIPs out of the investigation. I doubt GMAC will pursue rest later.
@PsychoD, I heard about scoreTop first time from you ( In one of the Amit saboo's sessions, nearly 2 years...
Just to clarify please read:
If you look at the details of the document you will see that the Plaintiff (GMAC) has named the defendants as "Lei Shi, d/b/a "Scoretop.com" (obviously "Stone" of ST) and importantly "John Does 1-5". As you know "John Doe" refers to someone whose na...
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I had used Score top material via subscribing to VIP membership. Now I have received a email from GMAC stating that "We are writing to inform you that this information shows that you have purchased GMAT(R) study materials through VIP membership in REAL GMAT EXAM QUESTIONS .
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That is pretty low. I am glad that you took the high road and gave in a strong reply. We can't stop people from asking on PMs - but we do need more aware folks like you who spread the word and stay strong
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I recently recieved a PM from a Puy asking for the questions I encountered on the test. I've strongly replied to him (her?) as well.
Do let me know if I should report this at any specific place on PG.
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Getting In GMAT Cheating Scandal: Answers from GMAC - BusinessWeek
A link to a set of FAQs on the consequences of GMAC's lawsuit against the offending website.
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did my favour by removing the links....put on net by me..
It was quite anticipated, ST was shut down during '06 when it grew its user base popularising the so called "JJs" susbequently it changed the content to "in house tutor generated questions" or VIP section as they called it. This too, seemed to cast a doubt over their authenticity.
I was infor...
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I was surprised when Scoretop was operating so blatantly in the 2004 to 06 period so it was not surprise to read this: Courts Give Graduate Management Admission Council Domain Name Ownership, Hard Drive in Copyright Infringement Suit
Funny to see that the site scoretop.com itself has undergone...