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" Help! After 6weeks of studying i'm still getting only and i want to get . My GMAT is away! What should i do? "
Quite a few of the Puys have been struggling with low scores. And there have been a lot of threads with individual queries. This thread is to collate all of that useful information so that other low scorers can benefit while current low scorers can get the immediate help they need.
Please be a...
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Lets' understand the basic difference between MBA in the US and MBA in India... but before that I believe we all know that Indians are gr8 @ GMAT.. they have raised the bar.. ;)
considering the Indian MBA schools..like it has been for decades, Indian school still stick to profiles with higher ...
@neo2000 and nuttyvarun
Thanks a lot for the replies..your points are indeed valid but I've a couple of concerns which make me wonder if I should retake the GMAT -->
1) A very low AWA score, coupled with a low VA score reflects poor communication skills..it might lead to rejection by the ad...
Your AWA score is rarely looked at by b-schools and is largely irrelevant unless you got a 3 or lower. You should have been concerned that the score is skewed in favour of Q and agonised over whether re-taking to improve the V part would have been beneficial. You are focussing on the wrong thing ...
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first thing - Congrats!!
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I gave the GMAT a few days back and scored 720 (VA - 36, QA - 51)
and AWA 4.
I am thinking of giving the exam again because of the dismal AWA score.
Could anyone suggest me if this would be the right strategy ?
Its hard to be so granular when you are taking the test. So don't worry if you are a few seconds off track. Difficulty level, personal comfort with subject etc are factors that need to be taken into consideration.
A general thumb-rule is 25minutes for first 10 questions, 25 minutes for the nex...
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Here are the avg estimations:
1. for SC: Its 1 min 15 sec per question.
2. for CR: its 1 min 45-50 sec.
3. for RC: it 2 min per question.
Yes, everyone says to spend 25 min for the first 10 questions.. and it always took more for me..i am scared for verbal too..
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thanks Sujoy for the speedy response.
How much time would you recommend me to spend on the intial 10 questions..25 mins?I have read that getting the initial questions correct is v.important.
thanks again.
Spend more time on the initial questions and once get accustomed, speed up!!..
This is applicable to Q section also.
Hi Pgits,
Need your help pls...
I have a peculiar problem....Last week I attempted the GMAT Prep test ...and i was fu$%^ up ... of the initial 10 verbal question i got just 3 correct (30 percent accuracy)...however,in the next 25 questions,I made another 6 mistakes(76 Percent accuracy)...
Hi All,
Found this article from nowhere and thought of sharing with my fellow puys.. didnt know the right thread to post it so posting it in here..
Most helpful for the puys who plan to give exam sooner than later ;)
Test-Day Tactics
"Another factor to consider is the presence of expe...
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Hi Varun/Sujoy,
Thanks for your reply.
My scaled scores are
in GMAT Prep : Verbal :39 Quant 50
in GMATScore.com Verbal 27 and Quant 39
I could count the no of correct ones in GMATPrep while I was reviewing my answers. But as you said, GMAT Prep doesnt count all the questions for e...
Yes Varun, i got it wrong, sorry.
Sectional score will help you find the total score.
Sorry again.
Rajeev.. would you be able to provide ur sectional score (not the raw score).. if u have that available then u can use the link provided by Sujoy below and clear ur doubts..
One more thing.. GMATPrep does NEVER tell u the hit rate in 37 in quaNT or 41 IN VERBAL.. it takes a few questions OFF ...
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Hi Rajeev,
both the final score based on the raw scores seem to be wrong. for these raw score, your mark will be around 510-530.
visit the URL GMAT Score Calculator for rough score based on sectional score.
Sorry if i hurt/discouraged you.. its just that i always refer to this site for s...
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I have been preparing for GMAT for a month now..
I have written a few tests..
Today I took a test from Gmatscore.com and I was shocked to see my score.
3 days back I had taken a GMAT Prep and had got 730.
Raw scores : 29/37 correct in Quant and 32/41 in Verbal.
Gmatscore sco...
Drill down Kaplan verbal workbook and check your answer choice with their explanation. Along with Manhattan Sentence correction.
I gave 1st GMAT Prep test yesterday and got only 580
The breakup is:-
Quant: 48
Verbal: 22
Kindly suggest that how can I improve my scores?
Hey i wrote my gmat today and got a shameless score of 640 . This is my 1st attempt. I am 19 and i have just finished 2 yrs of UG. I want to apply for MSc Finance. Was aiming for LSE but i cant go with these marks. Are there any other good colleges i can get into?? Do u suggest i take the exam ag...