Hall of Shame : GMAT Coaching Institutes which have spammed/unethically advertised GMAT & GRE Prep

Over the past years, we have seen various coaching institutes advertise themselves in unethical, hideous ways on forums and it is definitely a pain for us and for the other genuine users.
As per my experience, I have not seen such low standards anywhere. People try every trick in the book to a...
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I was too cheated by Future Propel! The guy calls himself Professor and an IIM aluminus. I think he was dropped out of IIM-K ..Im so frustrated and angry.. He cannot answer even simple questions. 30K for nothing absolutely nothing.
Guy, this is really a good effort to evaluate coaching centers.
I am looking for information about Application Preparation consulting after GMAT. Somebody told me The Chopra's in Delhi are good???
Any evalations??
In my opinion, stay away from any classes. GMAT's something that has a lot of resources available online, unlike CAT. So any doubt you have ever had is already solved. And you don't need to search the entire net to find the solutions. Pagalguy's the best place for it all. Apart from that, do OG r...
Thanks alot for you replay.
All the best for your exam.
Can somebody please answer my question i'm running out of time.
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Whichever insitute you chose, i please ask you all to stay away from a class in Andheri. It's called Future Propel. The guy takes 30k, is an IIM-K graduate(or so he says) and teaches everything under the sun. GMAT,CAT,SAT,BAT,PAT,etc etc etc. For CAT I have seen him using IMS notes khullam khulla...
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Hi to all,
Please tell me which is the better coaching center in mumbai for GMAT?
I have closed my search on Princeton and Veritas.
Please also suggest if any other institute is better than the above ones.
Thanks in advance!!!
Agreed agreed agreed ..........
If u ask me, I'll say don't go 4 it.
Well, I am looking for a good gmat institute for 'coaching'. According to you, Csqrl has cheated you on 'scholarship'. I would not join an institute based on who much scholarship they give (or promise), but based on what the quality of coaching is, which desipte my repeated requests, you refuse t...
The reason for my guess is simple. After telling that they have cheated me ,you are asking about the coaching . If you are not Csqrl's chap then relax, y so serious. If you are not really from csqrl then m sorry.
The thing is this brother...you are obviously cheesed off with Csqrl. Now assuming you are not a Csqrl id and I am, why would I (as a Csqrl person) risk asking you how the coaching at Csqrl is like and run a high risk of getting Csqrl flayed on a public forum like this.
Bottomline: Sometimes, ...
I guess gmatpupil is Csqrl's id. If not I would suggest you to go there for coaching but dont believe in scholarship and all that stuff.
I am surprised by your mail. Not that I have any personal experience with this institute, but in this age where news spreads fast (negative, even more so), wonder how anyone can afford to do that.
But, apart from how they treated your 'after' you had ceased to be their student, how is the coac...
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I also have very bad experience with CSQRL(C square learnings , Bangalore). They charge very high and tells we will give schlorship once you cross this much score in GMAT,but after finishing your GMAT if you reach them ,they will not even respond properly and says we will not give anything and wh...
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It is the quality of freely available inputs and the culture on PG that makes us share such information so openly. The legacy is being passed from the past and would be carried further with responsibility.
Kudos! to the holy minds behind the forum.
Thanks Aric. We have suspended the user and warned him over the phone too. Sad to see this kind of activity by clone of one of very old users on the forum.
Hey Guys!
Just got a PM from some "
Ankit Agarwal
I have suggested this guy to not spam unnecessarily. I do not thing he had MODs' permission to do what he was doing.
I fully agree with u ...
But such exercise will not attract a lawsuit by a company whose name , for instance, wrongly posted here, for wrong means.
I would reckon CSQRL (CSquare learning center run by Kalyan) falls in this category. We have witnessed quite a number of dubiously created ids who do a good job in springing up once in a while (after the initial criticism that all the ids were created the previous day/night ) and writing somethin...
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