Hall of Shame : GMAT Coaching Institutes which have spammed/unethically advertised GMAT & GRE Prep

Over the past years, we have seen various coaching institutes advertise themselves in unethical, hideous ways on forums and it is definitely a pain for us and for the other genuine users.
As per my experience, I have not seen such low standards anywhere. People try every trick in the book to a...
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italionstallion Says
hi i am new to this site . I just wanted to know about good coaching institutes in gurgaon

Welcome to PG :)
Please browse the listed link, it would help you get acquainted with PG.

There are designated threads for queries, please post your queries there to ensure a faster revert.
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There are a lot of posts on PG.com and other GMAT websites where 2minute gmat is advertising very subtely.
For example, http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/gmat-and-related-discussions/51949-how-i-scored-top-1-a.html
Notice how only a single point refers to the use of 2minute gmat.
There are a...
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hi i am new to this site . I just wanted to know about good coaching institutes in gurgaon
any feedback about expertsglobal will be much appreciated.
My 2-cents: IMO GMAT is all abt hard work and getting into rhythm, any coaching can only help u out with tht "rhythm" stuff....& if u really feel u need tht, please be wary of following pointers:
- Teaching faculty: Do some research on the kind of faculty teaching at the coaching instit...
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Hi Gurus,
Can you please help me with some good GMAT Coaching institute in Gurgaon and if not in Gurgain then some where around Gurgaon.
Thanks a ton for the help.
My 2 cents
- Go back to basics - refer to MGMAT verbal guides & CR bible; spend more time analysing
- GMAT verbal review/MGMAT Verbal guides are more than enough
I hope this will help.
Hey All,
Can anyone suggest me good coaching institutes for GMAT in Mumbai
I had the same query about ExpertsGlobal. Ashish did anyone ever get back to you regarding this or do you have any knowledge abt these guys? Did you take guidence from them ?
Hi Mayur,
I have taken GMAT twice with scores of 620 and 610 (latest). Based on your reply above can you pls more light on :-
1. How can improve my verbal scores (31 and 27 respectively in l;ast 2 attempts)?
2. What resources you referred or practiced ?
Hi...had taken gmat coaching from the chopra's in nehru place, delhi...
the institute is genuinely good and i was fortunate enuf 2b taught by a faculty who had just returned from kaplan,US.. the staff was supportive and the people there were qualified as wel.
the best part is the support u ...
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Hi Ashish!
while I cant answer point 1 on point 2 my personal opinion is you do not need classes for GMAT if you have some good books and are ready to sincerely study, analyse your weaknesses and improve on them. For the record i gave my gmat on 26.04.10 and scored decently - 730 without classes.
hi ashish,
Its good that you are evualting coaching centers for gmat in bangalore, can you let me know list of bangalore gmat coaching centers.
i am looking for one which can help me to improve verbal as i am not so good in verbal.
1)Just wanted u people to throw some light on Sandeep Gupta's Gmat Classes in Bangalore(Ivy @gmat)
2)Is it really required to join some coaching for gmat ?
Hey guys...Just wanted to know abt ExpertsGlobal which deals with Gmat.
If any one has experienced it...kindly share it...thnx
Guys no response from any body....I m waiting for your replies.
How is Ravi Oaks Academy in Pune. Any body has any inputs regarding the institute.
does this mean ******** (JA-MBO-REE) is a fake institute with false claims or just that they used inappropriate methods of advertisement on pagalguy?..
Please confirm me as I was about to join this institute.
Hey All,
Can anyone suggest me good coaching institutes for GMAT in pune.
Abhishek Arohi
Actually GMAT is something that requires preparation from a few selected books.Since GMAT is a universal test we have ample resources and the best thing we can schedule it anytime we want.
Thanks for providing with the list of instittues with false claims....
Please anyone can help me in telling me the best institute for GMAT in mumbai among all??
I am thinking to join IMS.....
Please reply asap....