Hey all!
I have a query. Let me first introduce myself first. I am working in the IT industry for 2 1/2 yrs now(yeah yeah another IT guy). I have completed my B.E (computers).
I had given the GRE in Nov 2001 and got a score of 2140 (Quant - 800, Anal - 760, Verbal 580). I plan to apply to ...
Hi friends,

Also there is oppportunity in IIM A from this year.
I think this is also a better option .But for this 5 yrs work ex is required. I am a engineer 4 years of work EX. Planning to appear GMAT next year for tha same as well as ISB. Any friend with similar opinion PM me.
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Sorry Sumit!
Already promised to give the books to someone else.
What i wud suggest is get all the material you can, go thorugh the different approaches and choose what works for you....as what works for me may not agree with you....just a thought...but yes, i did follow CR frm Kaplan and S...
Would you suggest doing CR from Kaplan and SC from Princeton or does Kaplan have good strategies for both......
Since I am also from Mumbai, If you could spare your Kaplan and Princeton with me...
I would PM you if you give a go ahead, then maybe I can give you a call...
Thanks Sumit
Answers to your questions
1) The book i bought costs just Rs 200. It does not have a CD. If you can afford it, go for the book which comes with the CD which costs arnd 1000 i think, or else you can purchase this book and try and get hold of the CD. I think the material will be the ...
Hi Sunil_dr
Great Score Man......Congrats !!!
But i have a few questions...........
Firstly, "Found approach to critical reasonsing mentioned in the Kaplan book helpful" ........... can you just illustrate as to what it was. Should one buy it ?
Secondly, What is a BOLD face question ?...
Gave the GMAT today! Got a score of 710 (Quant - 51, verbal 34). Pretty much satisfied. I suppose i could have done much better in verbal, but at the same time 710 is not bad either.
Material Used:
OG - read almost all the Sentence Correction questions around 240 out of the 260 odd).
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hey nilesh i thk 22 months at l&t; are gud enuf and by the time u will join isb u wuill have around 3.5 yrs of workex.
go for isb with gud recos and ur gre score too is gud(isb avg is 1340)
all the best
Hi .. I am feeling lucky that i found this thread.. after a horrible score in CAT (91) i could manage only TAPMI... however just couple of months i came to know that ISB accepts a GRE score.. I already got a GRE score (2003) 1410 (but again a poor AWA) ....
So plan to pool up resources to appl...
I have a MS from USA with 1 year industry and 2 years RA experience. My GRE score which I gave in dec 2000 is 2060. What do u guys think r my chances of admission in ISB based on these facts? Any help would b appreciated.
Wow, Coolioooooooooooooooooo
My Best wishes Amit!!!
In very rare cases does ISB take in freshers. AFAIK in 2004 batch there were 2 freshers, one was the youngest CA and the other was an IIT gold medalist. ISB basically focusses on Lateral placements unlike other Indian colleges. If u have a VERY strong application u can apply but I would advise u ...
dont knowif iam posting this in the right place. But iam a fresher. r freshers allowed to apply to ISB? what is considered a good gre mark for isb? when is the admission deadline for isb?
i m plannin to write gmat for ISB .. can anyone tell me which is the best coachin centre for GMAT in hyderabad
Yes u do need a passport...
Infact after 911 for countries like India pakistan etc Identification is only done thru passport.
Get a passport made doesnt take more than 2 mnths..
i dont know if i m posting at the right place
i want to know is it necessary to have a passport before taking GMAT
as i m not having one.....
can anybody help me on this
Yes, ISB does accept GRE for admissions (& CAT scores too for provisional admits). So, if your GRE score is good, there is no reason, therotically atleast, that you have to give GMAT. ISB does not have any stated policy of prefering GMAT scores over GRE or CAT. It probably uses a normalisation sc...
hi ,
I am in the same dilemma , i wanna apply for the 2006-07 batch but i don;t know should i give GMAT again as i have already given GRE , my score was 1400 ( 770 q , 630 V ) . What is the acceptable scores at ISB for GRE ??? should i apply with the above scores or write GMAT ...
dood...check whether ur GRE score will be valid till 2006-07.
abt the GRE score....i know a guy who got admission with 2160 in gre....