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This is an attempt to make the best of explanations, reasonings, q...
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success3 where are questions , its just mentioned the links but th.... 01 Aug '13.
B I U Post
Option A should be the answer for two reasons.
Subject - Verb Agreement
Correct usage of idiom - "Between" and "and"
Though i am not sure, i think its A because of the idiom between - and involved in it !
Preliminary analysis of information collected by a NASA science probe that passed by
Comet Hartley 2 last week shows unmistakable correlations between jets of dust
around the comet's body and carbon dioxide also known as dry ice.
A. shows unmistakable correlations between jets of dust ar...
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The answers are B AND C
OA is C D
1..large rise in the number of housing starts in the coming year should boost new construction dollars by several billion dollars, making the construction industry's economic health much more robust than five years ago.
(A) making the construction industry's economic health much m...
Answer - C
Answer - D
My answer - D
My answer - D.
Can anyone explain why E is incorrect in this case?
OA is D and D
8.A huge flying reptile that died out with the dinosaurs some 65 million years ago, the Quetzalcoatlus had a wingspan of 36 feet, believed to be the largest flying creature the world has ever seen.
(A) believed to be
(B) and that is believed to be
(C) and it is believed ...
D&D; all the way
6.A fire in an enclosed space burns with the aid of reflected radiation that preheats the fuel, making ignition much easier and flames spreading more quickly.
(A) flames spreading
(B) flame spreads
(C) flames are caused to spread
(D) causing flames to spread
(E) causing spreading o...
Would explain this sentence in a bit of detail, since you are likely to find increasingly more questions of this nature ("meaning issue") on GMAT, going forward.
My sense is that you most likely got confused as to why persuading, as used in C and E cannot be correct. For two reasons:
1. It ...
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Visit this link --
Joan of Arc, a young Frenchwoman?GMATPrep & OG12#127 | GMAT Prep, Sentence Correction, Ciritical Reasoning, OG Solutions
Answer is D , deepak can you please xplain the logic behind it thanks.
liberated must be followed by persuaded(B & D) . I will go with option D
Abhi, the answer should be B
Case of Parallelism
Joan of Arc, a young Frenchwoman who claimed to be divinely inspired, turned the tide of English victories
in her country by liberating the city of Orleans and she persuaded Charles VII of France to claim his throne.
(A) she persuaded Charles VII of France to claim his throne
(B) persuad...
Yes guys you are right ANswer is C....
Thanks for the clarification that was really helpful.....
Answer should be C. Abhi whats the answer?
"a method to protect warriors against... " should modify something which should look like a method but "animal shields with wooden frames.." is a kind of noun phrase so "protecting" will perfectly modify this noun.
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