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The GMAT and Related Discussions section is very fragmented in terms of the information available at one's disposal. There are one of reply threads and several other redundant threads that have masked the more important ones.
This is an attempt to make the best of explanations, reasonings, q...
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success3 where are questions , its just mentioned the links but th.... 01 Aug '13.
B I U Post
Should'nt there be an article like a/the before hummingbird ?
found in X resembling the hummingbird, has Y
My answer is C
but that sounds as an improper construction
therefore my answer will be B
Option D is my answer
correctly modifies surveillance systems and no other has proper diction !!
My answer is C
Correctly modifies Lina's sunbird !!
Classic parallelism question.
C is the only choice where 'found' and 'resembling' are parallel. Yes, 'found' and 'resemble+ing' are considered parallel. In all other choices, either 'it' or 'that' interferes with parallelism.
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Please explain
First discovered more than 30 years ago, Lina's sunbird, a four-and-a-half-inch animal found in the Phillippines and that resembles hummingbird, has shimmering metallic colors on its head; a brilliant orange patch, bordered with red tufts, in the center of its breast; and a red ...
1532 fragments of figures...cannot include 7 intact, as they are fragments. Thus, it was between B and C as rightly pointed out by you.
The OA is B.
Will go with A..
Whats the OA ??
My ans in bold..
Use of "Whether or not" is incorrect...
I would go with C! I eliminated D and E because of 'it' (with no reference).
I'm indeed bit doubtful b/n A and C. Chose C because of 'as likely as'.
Certainly there must be better explanations! OA please?
Hello guys,
pls try on this one with explanation..
According to a survey, of graduating medical students conducted by the association of American medical colleges, minority graduates are nearly four times more likely than are other graduates in planning to practice in socioeconomically depr...
Researchers agreed that the study treatments for heart attack patients was extremely important but more research was needed to determine that baloon angioplasty preceded with ultrasound was or was not any better for heart attack patients than the balloon procedure by itself.
a. Same as above
Researchers have announced that the magnetic fields emitted by one manufacturers security surveillance system, of which type there are 200,000 worldwide, can interfere with pacemakers and that this interaction can bring on missed or irregular heartbeats, nausea, breathlessness, dizziness, and eve...
IMO the best ans is "C"
1. we cannot use including, this leaves the possiblity of B nd C
2. Excavation of the site is more appropiate , this gives us C
Dear Puys so what is the correct answer to the question ?
I would say C.
You do not excavate a workshop, you excavate a site on which a workshop sits.
Also ", including" is a comma splice and seems wrong.
1532 fragments of figures...cannot include 7 intact, as they are fragments. So A, D, E are out.
Between B and C, I am going with C, as it is more concise and clear with respect to what is excavated. (I could be wrong).
IMO The answer should be
OA please !!