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This is an attempt to make the best of explanations, reasonings, q...
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success3 where are questions , its just mentioned the links but th.... 01 Aug '13.
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k...let me post the answers...so tht we can discuss...
Source is scoretop tests....
My Answers:-
My answers:
1. A
B, C, D and E, all have awkward sentence construction.
" a ratio that compares to.."in B
"..as compared to 42 times their pay, the ratio" in C and D
CEOs now earning an average of 419.. in E
2. D
Growing up to..is incorrect in B and C.Use of which is preferab...
Peak do you have the answers? Wanna check first the answers before giving the explanations.
check my edited post....hope options r visible now....:)
what are the options??
Pls post ur answers with explanations....
A recent review of pay scales indicates that CEO's now earn an average of 419 times more pay than blue collar workers, compared to a ratio of 42 times in 1980.
B.that, on average, CEO's now earn 419 times the pay of blue-collar workers,...
Exactly.. As a general tip, wheneer you see an opening phrase followed by a comma, always look for misplaced modifiers (as in this case). That will be the first thing to check and you WILL get a few questions like this
They dont constitute plural subjects.. They merely constitute parallel statements. The "is" needs to be in agreement with "the reason" "the use" and "the meaning". You cannot put "are" here just because of the "and". Try putting "are" there and re-read the sentence. It will sound wrong!
Thnx Paki/Vikram.....but I m more convinced by Paki's reply.....if u focus on the "reason" thg then I think it shld be "are" becoz they have mentioned "the reason","the use","the meaning"....joined by "and"....which will make a plural subject....pls explain ur ans further....this was actually con...
The underlined part is modifying scholar....which is wrng....as scholars can't be based on account of acient writers....just think on the lines of modification error n u will be able to spot the difference.
You are right, but why E , not A....plz justify.....
I think the answer is E.
Based on accounts of various ancient writers, scholars have painted a sketchy picture of the activities of an all-female cult that, perhaps as early as the sixth century BC, worshipped a goddess known in Latin as Bona Dea ,"The Good Goddess"
A.Based on accounts of various ancient writers
It needs to be "is" to agree with the singular "reason". Had the word been "reasons", then "are" would have been correct.
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because the subject is 'what is more difficult to determine'. When you have a clause as subject always singular!!
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The period when the great painted caves at Lascaux and Altamira were occupied by Upper Paleolithic people has been established by carbon-14 dating, but what is much more difficult to determine are the reason for their decoration, the use to which primitive people put the caves, and t...
yes...it should be "say"
Check Kaplan800, Page 189 for more on the Subjunctive mood...
This one is subjunctive case.....subjunctive is formed with word "that+the infinitive form of the verb(without the verb to)"......hope this helps...:)