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The GMAT and Related Discussions section is very fragmented in terms of the information available at one's disposal. There are one of reply threads and several other redundant threads that have masked the more important ones.
This is an attempt to make the best of explanations, reasonings, qu...
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B I U Post
Could not get the answer for the 5th question, working on it , will let you know once i get the drift. .
Here are the OA for the above passage
1. D
2. B
3. C
4. B
5. A
6. B
7. A
My answers :
1. D
2. B
3. C
4. B
5. D
6. B
7. A
Post the OA's , will explain my reasonings afterwards ..
cool passage, just like those come in real GMAT... damn, i never got such passages in GMATprep even after 6 repeats... anyway,
here financiers are assuming that large deficit will cause inflation and they increase interest rate, but that is not actually happening because "financing the defici...
I searched this reading comprehension on Pagal Guy but didn't find any thing.
Attached is the reading comprehension and the question.
I am not very clear, why the answer is 1st option and not the 3rd option. According to me, 3rd option should be the answer.
Any help will be appreciated.
My Take
1 B
2 B
3 C
4 B
5 D
6 B
7 B
Try this RC:
The fossil remains of the first flying vertebrates, the pterosaurs, have intrigued paleontologists for more than two centuries. How such large creatures, which weighed in some cases as much as a piloted hang-glider and had wingspans from 8 to 12 meters, solved the problems of powe...
My take
1 E
2 D
3 B
4 C
5 B
6 A
7 E
8 C
9 B
Time taken 15 min
My take on the above RC
1. E
2. D
3. B
4. C
5. E
6. C
7. E
8. A
9. A
Time taken : 14 mins
How many really suffer as a result of labor market problems? This is one of the most critical yet contentious social policy questions. In many ways, our social statistics exaggerate the degree of hardship. Unemployment does not have the same dire consequences today as it did in the 1930's when mo...
3.The passage suggests which of the following about global corporations?
(A) Their continued growth depends on the existence of a fully integrated international market. --> Nt sure from the passage
(B) Their potential effect on the world market is a matter of ongoing concern to internationa...
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OA are
1 C
2 B
3 E
4 C
5 A
6 C
7 D
@deepakraam : Can you explain to me 3rd and 6th one
My take for the above RC :
1. C & E are the contenders.The passage doesn't exclusive say about the future.So,option C
2. A. Other facts are evident in the passage
3. E
4. C
5. A
6. C
7. D
Guys try this and please also include your explanations
(This passage was excerpted from material written in 1990.)
As the economic role of multinational, global corporations expands, the international economic environment will be shaped increasingly not by governments or international inst...
@dare2 and mukultcs,
u both guys are seriously driving me in RC by putting passages and questions. Although it is much inviting for me to solve a passage for 1-2 questions but 3-4 questions would be really cool. that will tell the accuracy as well. More than that it will make u understand the ...
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Sure not a problem....I just thought that people would avoid attempting question if they see such big bunch of questions....
whatz their to take offence to ?
hi mukul bro.. juz one suggestion.. plz dont post only one question with the passage.. it becomes very easy 2 read the passage 2 answer juz 1 question.. post at least three questions wid the passage so dat we'll have a real feel of solving a RC set.. hope u take it in the rite sense..
I will go with option B
OA is B. Sorry dont have OE