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The GMAT and Related Discussions section is very fragmented in terms of the information available at one's disposal. There are one of reply threads and several other redundant threads that have masked the more important ones.
This is an attempt to make the best of explanations, reasonings, qu...
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B I U Post
where is the passage boss iam not able to view it
I have not given GMAT so take my points with a pinch of salt. OG is made by GMAC so where there could be different kind of passages, the basic concept behind the RCs will be same as of GMAT.
You can practice the RCs by going through different books and keep these things in mind while a...
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Hi All,
RC is my weak area, for RC i'm following OG-10 & OG-11. can anybody tell me upto which degree there is similarity between the RCs in the OGs and the RCs in the GMAT? Similarity in terms of complexity of the passage, length of the passage etc..
Any help is highly appreciated.
hi guys .... which is best reference for RC .... i got OG 11 ..... kaplan 800 and soft copies of many others from esnips...... Is there any key to increase the speed ..... i usually take more than the required time answering the RC questions.....
And neone plz give the link to dl the 1000 rc,c...
Thanks A Lot Abhisekh!
Could You Please Tell Me Where To Download Kaplan Anf Princeton?
ANswers are
1 C
2 D
3 B
4 C
5 A
6 B
i think the answer to Q2 could be C.
the author acknowledges the fact that the labours were rightly skeptical towards unions.
and yet, this attitude was an obstacle.So option C might be right.
"regret" in E appears a little too strong.
please let us know the answers soon, dextar.
1. (c) Randolphs efforts in the battle helped transform the attitude of Black workers toward unions .......
2. (E) All other options are talking about particular period. in (C) and (D), 'ambivalence' and 'appreciation' are incorrect. (a) implies that author sympathizes with the attempts - ...
Hi All Help me with this RC
When A. Philip Randolph assumed the leadership of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, he began a ten-year battle to win recognition from the Pullman ( Company, the largest private employer of Black people in the United States and the company that controlled the...
The Official Guide is the only place u will get the official GMAT answers to the official GMAT questions.Everything official about it!
Hi Puys,
I am in too. RCs and the discussions on the questions are really helpful. Pls let me know if the detailed solution for GMAT RCs can be found anywhere.
I'm here man!!!
Will soon post more Rc questions especially biological ones
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Lemme come in here ........... anyone here !!!
Where is everybody? Isn't anyone doing RC these days?Im feeling so lonely out here :D
Dextar pal, what about you?
Thats true.Revising the RC from OG 11 wont be much help.
I dont have any other practice material either.We are in a similar kinda situation.
By the way, when are u appearing for the gmat?
I've already finished OG-11. As far as RC is concerned, I don't think there is any point in revising Rc again from OG-11 (Can do for SC and CR). Rc needs practice and I don't have any other exhaustive source other than Kaplan Premier and Princeton Review. So have to go for 1000 series.ANy t...
Oops :(
1 A seems rite.
I dont know why I was looking at (and quoted in the answer too )the 3rd sentence of the 3rd paragraph instead of the 1st sentence of 2nd paragraph.
The other 2 Qs are only half-answered by the choices u mentioned.The main idea in the passage is that Synthesis of t...
This time none of ur answer is correct:(
Anyways here are the answers which I don't have any idea !!!!
1 A
2 A
3 D
See whether u can get me the explainnation for these.
Anyways there is no harm practising these RC. I'm particualrly weak in these hi-fi technical pasages be...
hi dextar,
i think the answers are:
1 D
The biologists basically believe that "the parent cells halt synthesis of non-hemoglobin mRNAs in the nucleus and rapidly degrade copies of the non-hemoglobin mRNAs remaining in the cytoplasm".Simply put, the synthesis of specific mRNAs (not all) ...
Bingo !!!! All correct
Thanks for the explainations.
Here is one more
Protein synthesis begins when the gene encoding a protein is activated. The genes sequence of nucleotides is transcribed into a molecule of messenger RNA (mRNA), which reproduces the information contained in that seque...