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The GMAT and Related Discussions section is very fragmented in terms of the information available at one's disposal. There are one of reply threads and several other redundant threads that have masked the more important ones.
This is an attempt to make the best of explanations, reasonings, qu...
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B I U Post
More over he just excluded in his analysis. Does that mean, he denied it?
Martin's exclusion of
climatic change as an explanation by
Thanks for the reply!
But there A is also explicitly stated in line 10:
However, anthropologist
(10) Shepard Krech points out that large
animal species vanished even in areas
where there is no evidence to demon-
strate that Paleoindians hunted them
Why do you think A coul...
Reason highlighted in the passage.
A is a close contender, but it is not explicitly stated in the passage. And the question clearly states..."as described in the passage"...so A is ruled out. Other choices are irrelevant.
Could you anyone help me solve this?
According to a theory advanced
by researcher Paul Martin, the wave
of species extinctions that occurred
Line in North America about 11,000 years
(5) ago, at the end of the Pleistocene era,
can be directly attributed to the arrival...
Hey puys!!! why dis thread is left dead??? lets not forget dat RC forms an equally important part of verb as SC & CR do.. so come up wid some toughies puys.
My answers..
1. A
2. B
3. A
4. B (not sure)[IMG]http://static.pagalguy.net/pagalguy/smilies/no.gif[/IMG]
OAs plz..
Thats the problem bud...
10 mins to complete one RC for me.But i can get at least 95% correct.On a good day i can get all 100% correct.
Hey pj02.. wat bout time??? does it allow u 2 refer d passage again n again??? hou much time u usually spend on reading d whole passage or solving d passage as a whole.. can u gimme d time split up???
RC is My biggest strength.I hardly got any question wrong in the two tests that I took. And all I do is just follow these two simple things.
Only problem is time management
Basic Funda :Read the passage carefully: Carefully ... Very much carefully....I can still read a passage twice/thrice...
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Puys.. any suggestion regarding RC strategy??? i've gone thru tonnes of thread n all present a diff view..
I prefer to go thru d whole passage instead skipping d mid ones..i usually take 5min 2 go thru a passage consisting of 4 paras n about 60-65 lines, plus 1min/question or smtime less....Pl...
Hi pls solve the following questions
Behavior is one of two general responses available to endothermic (endothermic: adj. 吸热 ( 性 ) 的 ,[ 动 ] 温血的 ) (warm-blooded) species for the regulation of body temperature, the other being innate (reflexive) mechanisms of heat production and heat loss. Human...
Well Well Well, I doubt...someone can really answer your this question....IF some one can then probably the algo of GMAC has been exposed!!!!
isn't it???
The crux is:
>> Make sure that, no more than 3-5 questions are wrong in Math...you are in a range of 50
>> Make sure that, no more ...
Hi Vikram,
Thanks for your reply. Really really appreciate!!
Yes the RC mistakes did happen in succession. I got 2 SCs & 4 CRs wrong but they were distributed.
One small question, say for a moment if we strike out the order of mistakes, how many Verbal mistakes(RC + SC + CR) can one affo...
I cant vouch for Princeton's accuracy or for that matter about the algorithm of any one of the tools out there. But, I can tell you one thing, getting 7 questions wrong on RC is NOT unheard of. And some times is not as debilitating as one might think.
A few corrections in the appro...
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Tougher !!
Take GPrep and you will get to know how much you gonna score in actual Test.
+- 10 marks...
Hi all,
Today i wrote a princeton test. Scored 650(Q:51 V: 30). Got 7 questions wrong in RC.
Wanted to know how to interpret princeton's results?? Are the questions, especially in verbal, easier or tougher than those in actual GMAT.
Any help or relevant pointers would be highly appreciat...
Hi Amsey,
I'll suggest you to read fast and practice from computer, specially RC, it makes lot of difference reading from system long passage and from hard copy specially in stressed environment of GMAT.Keep practicing them from system, slowly it will improve.
All the Best !
Hi Ponds,
Good to see buddy , you are still sharpening your armoury....
Answers are:
I got this passage horribly wrong, don't know why???
Any specific strategy you took for this passage or in simple words, how did you go about such a passag...
Hi Amsey,
My response is in color.
Good ones, Let me know OA's ?
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