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The GMAT and Related Discussions section is very fragmented in terms of the information available at one's disposal. There are one of reply threads and several other redundant threads that have masked the more important ones.
This is an attempt to make the best of explanations, reasonings, qu...
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Hi guys..From which of the GMAT/GRE/LSAT RC materials, could I get detailed solutions/explanations from the original source (not just answers)?
Also, in ur opinion, which material has the most confusing, esoteric sort of passages?
P.S.: I have e-books of 1000RC, Manhattan and Aristotle.
Thanx in advance :)
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    I am preparing for GMAT from past one month. Last week I gave my first mock (Manhattan mock 1) and I scored 51 in maths and 33 in Verbal ,Also in verbal I cracked CR with 12 out of 14 questions correct along with a good speed. I performed very poorly in Sentence correction and Reading ...
    Folks - just wanted to give everybody here a heads-up - Once we move to the new forum, I will be closing this thread down. It's anyway gotten way too long.
    Once we move to the new section, what I'd like you to do is create a thread for each problem that you want to discuss. The title should ...
    I am preparing RC from OG12 and got 24 wrongs out of total 139.
    Please tell me how am I faring if I am aiming a score above 720? and also any action plan for improvement?
    The fact is questions are framed from these similar looking yet different instances mentioned in the passage. To sum it, try and pen down very short notes while you are reading it and identify the main differences.
    hey ...i was lukin for RC 99, but i guess now they have stopped selling it.
    can you please tell me from where i can get it..?
    While (I am sure) they claim to be adaptive, there is really no way for any outsider to tell for sure.
    However, on the brighter side, it should really not be of concern. The more relevant point is whether their score is indeed a reflection of the actual score. From what I have heard, one can ...
    Hi Ashish,
    Could you please let me know whether the Kaplan and Manhattan tests are adaptive or not? Does their score a good relflection of the actual gmat score?
    Hi Ashish,
    I have recently started preparing for RCs from RC 99..I have got a few queries like:-
    1- Hows RC 99 a guide to prepare for GMAT and even CAT ?
    2- I have completed around 10 Rcs and I did find the quality quite good. But I generally take around 12 mins on an average to comple...
    Difficulty in RC can be at two levels: The passage itself might be tough to understand (for example, psychoanalytic passages) or the questions might be tough.
    As far as difficulty of passages is concerned, the difficulty level of OG compares quite well with the actual GMAT. The difficulty lev...
    Hi Ashish,
    I would like to know whether the difficulty level of english section in the GMAT is same as that of OG or its difficult compared to it. Also, I get 4 ques correct out of 6 in 13-14 minutes in RC, but the time I am taking is too much. Could you please suggest some ways to increase ac...
    Continuing with my previous post, reading the passage twice (obviously) does not take twice the time it takes to read the passage once. Typically it takes 50%-60% of the time it takes to read the passage the first time.
    In fact, it is more an issue with disciplining yourself, rather than time....
    you can use online e-books and other stuff to study there are lot of thing available to study..
    I agree with Ashish from @EducationAisle. Reading the RC Passage 2 times will really help. But the problem is that the reading speed of most students is quite poor. They barely are able to read the passage once. For that, I had suggested a Speed Reading technique in my earlier post. If students p...
    Excellent and congrats!! Knew you would score well. What was your overall score?
    Coming to RC, a couple of years back, our recommendation was to read the first and last para very intently, skim thru middle paras, create mind-map and the whole nine yards.
    However, it seems that the length of...
    I followed my own RC strategy, take bits and pieces from Manhattan's RC strategy and it worked for me.
    Here is what I do - nothing great or special
    1. read passage and understand everything what i read
    2. relate what i read with what i read before in the passage, understand contextual i...
    Eventually you will have to read the whole paragraph. But do not do so at the beginning.
    There are several speed reading techniques. The one that has worked best for my students is...
    1. The reading speed reduces because most of us SPEAK while we read. Our speaking speed is 200-220 wpm an...
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    I agree what u say but for some answers we have to read the whole paragraph or may be full passage. In this situation how to make our reading faster so that we can cover it in a given time??
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    Hi Puys..
    Please help me with RC LSAT ques sets and Kaplan answer explanations material..