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In keeping with my mantra of starting the new Query thread when people stop reading the first post and start asking the same Qs over and over again, i'm pleased to announce the brand new GMAT QUERY CENTER 2010-11 [smiley] [smiley]
As always, PLEASE READ THROUGH BEFORE ASKING!! It's is very...
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max_manish001 can any one please suggest some good online coaching clas.... 29 Dec '13.
kinji.at.pg1 @max_manish001 : Just pmed you....Let me know if any dou.... 29 Dec '13.
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This is google-able and found on The Official GMAT Web Site. It is a set of around 300 essay for each i.e. Analysis of an Issue, and Analysis of an Argument.
Vishal - I don't know if you are the same guy from Bangalore who had a similar query I answered last month
Buy the SC guide - you will get 6 online tests free. Why bother about 1200 bucks?
Can anyone please help me with the kind of essay topics on GMAT, perhaps a link to past essay topics or something?
I wanted to buy only the 6 mgmat CATs and checked the manhattan gmat site only to find out that they cost $70 along with some additional question banks. Has anyone bought this package from mgmat and does it actually cost around 3K in INR? If that is the case then i'll go for one of the s...
without 700 u can't even think of getting into blue chip institute according to ur query insead is the best suited. For preparation search the thread on pg u will get something if you want to ask something else you may pm me. To join a class for your gmat preparation it depends where you live is ...
Thanks Mohit! will a score of 650+ be less?or with EC, good recos, and stuff give me an edge?keeping in mind decent academics 10th 84%, 12th 70%,BE(E&C;)64%. and am looking for good a 1yr MBA preferably in dub,sing,india etc
And also would be greatful if you could help me out with some materia...
with such a good profile u can think of top notch a score above 700 is perfect but extra curricular plays a different role some good b schools u should focus upon are hbs,wharton,insead,isb. Hope it helps
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Hi Guys,
Am new on this forum, planning to go for an MBA this year preferably in Asia Singapore,Dubai- NUS,Nanyang etc , heres a brief about my profile
5yrs of IT exp, developement,business analyst, now with IBM labs
decent academics, first class throughout BE, 12th,10th
Good EC and S...
thank you Arun...
ur post is quite helpful to me...
But it would be very helpful to me if u can u list me the books for quant section which would be appropriate for gmat
Firstly you are looking at 5 years down the line. I don't think anything is guaranteed. If you believe Hollywood movies - you never know when Will Smith would be needed with his aviator and Raptor.
To answer your questions:
1. No one even sees your school marks so don't worry.
2. Double ...
Sorry i should clarify that statement-- the purpose of that algorithm is to reach a point where it is confident you will get every other question wrong. I'm sorry but i didn't save that article. Again, that is irrelevant to your prep.
You Said that "it also means you should theoretically be getting atleast half of them wrong. (this last line is somewhere on the GMAC site).
are u sure u did half of them wrong in spite scoring 700+in GMAT..could u pls also tell whr exactly it is written.
Hey Guys,
I have done engineering in I.T and soon after completion i prepared for cat n got 89 percentile
and then I have done my PGDM in Marketing
and recently got placed in Future value retail group.
But now i want to prepare for gmat n wanted to take admission in good b school ...
No, it has to be with a credit-card only.
The GMAT test fees is 250$. While registering for the test, how can I make the payment? Can I make it through debit cards ?
Your assumption at this point is that you will know whether you got the question right or wrong. The adaptive nature of the exam implies that you will go on getting a harder question as you get a preceeding question correct. However, the adaptive algorithm also throws in experimental questions.
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with ur quants 48 score am able to interpret u did 30 right question.. thus this will help me in my mocks..how many wrong i can afford in a mock test to get a score of 48..thus helping me in my target score
So seriously, what exactly are you going to do with that list? How is it helpful in any way whatsoever?
In the middle of the exam, you don't have the time to wonder-- did i get this right or wrong? is this an experimental question and therefore not counted? am i on a streak of right or wrong, ...
For all data, C = Correct, S = Score
What is "C" and "S" here?