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It's become pretty obvious that not a lot of people were reading the old GMAT QUERY CENTER thread. Posts/Questions were becoming repetitive and consequently over looked. I will still say Please read through the Old Thread
This thread is a collection of the most common Qs that keeps getting as...
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Hi Sujoy,
I dont remember the links. But if you drop me an email on i will gladly send both the tests as an attachment.
PS: Can anyone please reply to my post? I am very confused..!!
what is the difference between GMAT preps and Power preps? how did you get Power prep? how did you get old ETS too.. can you send me the link.. i have my test on 17th June and i have only 4 kalpan tests left with me..i dont want to test them at the last moment for fear of loosing the ...
Hello All,
I have my GMAT in another two weeks and i am a bit confused on which full-length CATS to practice.
I have the 4 full length Kaplan tests, 2 GMAT preps and 2 Power preps with me out of which i am done with 1 GMATprep. I am planning to take the last GMATprep two days before the act...
Thanks Arun and nice to see you after so long !!
But why is this advice quoted? :-).
Finally, what is your personal opinion? Should i go ahead to read these 1000 series ?
I will try to make this post into a tweet - "1000 pack is the second best source of quality questions after OG. However note that some of the question styles (long RC passages etc) are no longer asked on the GMAT."
Can anyone tell me how useful are 1000SC/CR/RC?? sometimes back i came to know these documents/materials were once created by scoretop which is now banned by GMAC. If its true, is it a good option to go through this documents or its waste of time?
I think 2008-2009 eidtion is the latest:
Amazon.com: kaplan 800 GMAT Books
Anyone differs?
I think anything around or more than 710-720 should be enough.
Hi Friends,
Myself being a beginner in my preparation for Gmat, have gone through the whole thread and need lots of info from everyone around.
Name: Karan
Location: Gurgaon
Work Exp: Close to 4 yrs now in IT
Academics : Decent
College: NIT Hamirpur, 2005
Gmat material...
CAn some one tell me whats the latest edition of Kaplan GMAT 800 available in market ?
Kaplan Gmat 800: 2008-2009 Edition is the one i am seeing everywhere. is this the latest ?
Need some guidance on how to approach the GMAT..I am a S/W Project Lead with a MNC and have 6 yrs of Work Ex (1.5 yrs Onshore ). My acads are decent enough (X-89%, XII-94%, B.Tech (Instrumentation Engg) - 80%) and extra cir. are School Pupil Leader in School and Class Rep in B.Tech etc etc..Now m...
The GMAT scoring is based on multiple factors... on percentile score, on how other people faired with the same questions that were thrown to you, on the difficulty level of the exam, on the volume of students appearing for the exam at the time when you are appearing..etc etc.. and though the CAT ...
Thanks Neo fot the info..u just rock in answering ppls query.I just hope it doesnt happen wid me!!
When you give the GMAT, you get an unofficial score-card at the center i.e. they give you a print-out with your probable score. Its called "unofficial" primarily because its GMAC's responsiblity to send you the score-- the score that they send you is considered an official score and also has your...
I am not sure what you are talking about..
thanks for ya wishes
hey ,
manhattan sample test is good.quants are much much tougher than actual.so its worth practice coz if u can end up getting around45 on it and also finsh it in time then u will be prepared well for actual gmat.verbal is just fine.so if u have sufficient time then i would recommend every 1 t...
hey varun can u tell me y ppl say that 7xx score unofficial?? like y do they add unoffcial 2 it..even when u receive the official marksheet u will get the same score..then y ppl say tht...
so u in US for some project or do u stay there..anyways best of luck for ur GMAT
Has anyone given the Manhattan Free GMAT test, which can be downloaded for free from Manhattan's site?
Is it worth it .. I don't want to take a demo test which serves no purpose and waste my whole day.
Response appreciated!
well I am in "university of books" right now.. preperation going on for my GMAT..
thanks buddy,and dont worry i never found u or any1 on this forum rude at all.All of us are buch of people ready to help others!!by the way u in which univ?