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Hi All,
I have searched quite a bit on Pagalguys thus far, and have not been able to narrow down on the best institute for GMAT preparation in Chennai. I have seen many people recommending 4GMAT and Princeton Review. I am not comfortable with either, because they don't seem to spend too much ...
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Nice , all the best mate take care and apply to a few more schools later to boost ur chances
Well yeah, essasy are mostly done. So just the Gmat i guess. besides am applying only one school . shouldnt be much trouble.
September would be slightly late for taking your GMAT as u have a lot of other stuff to do .Try starting ur essays,Recos and post MBA goals simultaneously
Hi I am from Chennai. Have my GMAT on 28th September.
Joining 4Gmat on 28th july weekday batch.
If anyone is giving gmat in sept. please reply. we cud trade materials, notes, error logs, application strategies, essay reviews and the whole lot.,
Am in for r1 this fall.
Hi ppl,
I ve done my BE and now have a work ex of 2+ years... i find ppl suggesting Princeton, 4GMAT and Emphatic... Which one to actually choose among the whole lot of coaching centers in chennai... pls help
Not really sure about the rest of the institutes since I have not attended them but I feel 4GMAT is decent value for money.I would recommend classes to anyone who has not prepared for any competitive exam before
Just do the usual stuff
OG-12 , SC from MGMAT ,Powerscore CR .T...
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Guys im Planing to give GMAT...so could u pls some good coaching centres in chennai..??
After going through this thread..i found many ppl suggesting for 4Gmat...is that really a good institute...??
waiting for ur reply Puys..!!
hi frns...me 2 planin 2 take gmat by july...wt r al d buks hv u finishd studyin and goin 2 study???
hey u guys finished ur gmat???
I am staying in Anna Nagar, appearing GMAT on Aug-4, looking for good classroom coaching classes on weekend. Please suggest............
Also didnt had much preparation, suggestions also welcomed- hw 2 crack in 4months.
Thats nice , hope you do well
I joined GMATsuperia verbal course of semantics. They have a verbal exclusive package. the only one in chennai. i find it pretty good. did check with other institutes, they didnt have one with gmat verbal specific training.The faculty is pretty good...
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I am not really sure about Princeton coaching, but 4GMAT is a pretty decent place for English and the cost is only about half of what you pay at princeton
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Lets start a study group for Chennai GMAT aspirants. PM me if you are interested
guys 4gmat and princton seems to be the best in chennai. can anybody suggest which of these would be helpful in improving verbals???
nope im not working...im studying..so mstly wll join in weekend batch..starting on 29th.....
I just joined a weekday batch in 4GMAT starting today. The class seems to be pretty good. I heard they will start another batch on Feb 10.
In case you are working professional, this would be best option... entire course gets over in a month's time
@ supraja -dnt know about gmat toppers but i dnt think it is online
nd wl b joining in 4gmat nly frm nxt week lyk tht...so cnt help u judge..but ive visited them...it looked fine..i heard its quiet gud...lets see...
I have a doubt . is gmattoppers an online classroom ? and is it good or 4gmat classes are better ?
I'm planning to join 4GMAT classes which starts this monthend (weekday batch - mornings)
Just wanted to know how much time you are allocating to GMAT other than 4GMAT, also wat are the materials you are going thru