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Hi All,
I have searched quite a bit on Pagalguys thus far, and have not been able to narrow down on the best institute for GMAT preparation in Chennai. I have seen many people recommending 4GMAT and Princeton Review. I am not comfortable with either, because they don't seem to spend too much ...
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Review about Jamboree Adyar center,Chennai.

Synopsis: Complete waste of time and money.

In detail:

Recently I have joined Jamboree institute for GMAT class(weekend batch). Jamboree provide 4 books ( OG-13, Reb book, Green Book, Blue Book). They will not cover any basics of English, first class itself they will start with SC and teacher will ask you to solve first lesson in Red book and teacher will go and sit in the staff room. After 30 min she will come and she will start with explanation. In the first day she will read underline portion but not options only she will mention why we need to eliminate(if you are not good at English you cant understand many things). Second day onward's teach will not even read underline portion, directly elimination process. In 15 to 30 min of time 24 questions will be solved in the class. Just conceive if we able solve 24 questions less than 30 min. Do we really need to join the class?

Most interesting point is from third class on-wards it will take less than 15 min to solve 24 questions. Just imagine how fast teacher will explain/solve the questions in class. Since teacher know the question and answer, teacher say the question number and answer choice nothing else.

If you are looking to improve your English. Please don't join in Jamboree.


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  • Jamboree_Prep Hi @rajkoti , thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will be grateful if you can message us your contact details, so that we can get in touch with you. This will help us get more specific feedback and also see if we can redress your grievance. Thanks.
  • rajkoti

    Hi Jamboree Team, Today I met one of the guy who joined in Jamboree in different branch in Chennai. He also feel the same what I felt. He is also poor in English and his complaint also same not teaching basics of English or grammar. I am requesting your team please concentrate on grammar or sentence correction a little bit more. If we are good at English no need to join in your institute by paying 24k. English is not our first language in our academics. Please design your course for the students who studied in another language other than English. Your institute is charging high compare to other institutes, give the quality also the same. Please check the students what they need and see how to improve their knowledge. If students are getting the benefit, you no need to spend money on advertisement, mouth talk will be sufficient. I thought I was not following your class since I haven't studied in English medium. When my friend complained the same then I confirmed today your course is not effective, if any one are doing good in GMAT who joined in your institute that is because of their knowledge not because of your guidance or your teaching. If we need material, in the Market lot of different books and lot materials are available, no need to join in Jamboree.

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    How to start preparing GMAT, i m on ground Zero. No idea about preparation/pattern..??.. any clues ll be appreiciated.
    Jamboree_Prep @rajeshk4861 Your preparation should be divided into 3 .... 06 Nov '13.
    rajeshk4861 yeah.. i m @ level Zero. should i get some basic brushing.... 06 Nov '13.
    Hi ,
    I am planning to write gmat next yr feb and also it will be my first attempt so Can anyone suggest me which one is better coaching center to join for gmat preparation at present?
    Rickeyy @akidev Princeton review and jamboree both are good. How.... 03 Oct '13.
    rajeshk4861 hope 4gmat is good in chennai but its in anna nagar... ca.... 15 Oct '13.
    Hi, I'm a PGPX from IIMA offering GMAT/GRE training - interview prep - essay help in Chennai.
    Contact Shreeya on 8939928355 or email gmatchennai@gmail.com
    You might want to checkout GMAT Pill, an online gmat prep course. Checkout review at http://gmatpillreview.com. Also you can get a $50 discount via special links on the site.
    join Kaplan.
    achyut1989 any reason for reccomending it ? . 05 Feb.
    Sorry if I am spamming this thread :mg:
    I thought I would let people in Chennai know that CrackVerbal - the GMAT Verbal specialist is now offering its digital classroom in Chennai:
    I will be personally taking all the classes - do PM me if you w...
    As I mentioned earlier 4GMAT is good.Now would also be a good time to prepare for your GMAT since you might get a lot of free time now that your degree is done
    hi everyone... i am a fresher.. recently completed my B.E...i am gonna write GMAT and apply later after i get some work experience.... and i am thinking of joining 4GMAT... is 4GMAT good?? is anyone else planning to join 4GMAT???
    Hi all,
    At last I have taken the first step by initiating and registering an account here.
    Dear all, as far about me is concerned I am a working mechanical engineer in production dept with an experience of over 6.5 years.I did my engg from an average engineering college,though lucky enough...
    Hi All,
    I've set a target date of somewhere in the middle of May to give my GMAT. I'm a fresher and I also recently started working (October to be precise) so I'm giving GMAT with the thought that since it's valid for a period of five years, I can keep the scores with me and apply later and a...
    Can anyone who had earlier attended 4GMAT classes,chennai centre,please share your views on their verbal coaching as I have heard good only about their Quant coaching.Also could you share your views on the number of mock computer adaptive tests that 4GMAT provides as part of their program
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    Hi guys there is a PG meet on 15th Oct..those who r all interested can come..n please go thru the link given below
    sorry for spamming here
    Hi dude u can find OG books online ( i mean soft copies) free of cost just google n c
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    there is a person Shreeya, she's done her pgpx from iima, she's quite good with essays and other app related stuff... she helped me out with my essays...
    her mail id is: gmatchennai@yahoo.com.
    Best of luck
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    Hii adri_fred...
    wat are all books do u have ??
    thanks for all the discussions ppl...
    Got lotz from ur xchanges
    You can pick up the OG and all materials from flipkart.com , its fast and its safe. Or send me a message I have a few books which I am planning to sell at half price
    Princeton Review and IMS are available in Chennai(Not sure how good they are ).You can also a look at a lo...
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    hey , does any1 know any good admission consulting services in chennai ??
    thanks! let me know where I can get the OGs and Test prep materials in chennai / any good coaching centers if you know ( better than 4gmat mylapore where I might register tom. )