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All GMATters at Hyderabad are invited to participate in this thread - An attempt to collectively pin the beast. This is another regular thread to club up the efforts of all Hyderabad junta aspiring to crack GMAT. I would appreciate if some Master GMATters who have cracked it also participate to e...
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Aman_Padda Anybody interested in group studies for Gmat. Please let .... 11 Mar.
krish_chaitu Hello,is this thread active? . 04 Apr.
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hello guys,i want to apply for sp jain with my gmat planning to take it in the month of feb,so do i really need fill the online application which has to be submitted before 18th of this month or directly i can send my score at the time of exam i.e 5schools option.
phani94 @rohan11590 thanks for ur bro..but i wont be able to tak.... 14 Nov '13.
rohan11590 @phani94 As I told, SP Jain Dubai has MGB & GMBA pr.... 14 Nov '13.
any info. about crack isb, kukatpally is appreciated...thanks in advance!!
pravallikareddy as i tried both,can say both are strong in their concept.... 06 Jan.
samren But the thing for me is i work 6 days a week and 10 hrs a.... 06 Jan.
Hello guys,i need help from u guys in this situation,had my GMAT on OCT1st and was shocked to see the score as i got 530(q-50 & v-9) even after 2.5months self-prep as this was 2nd attempt,even after maintaining 25-30 in Verbal in all the online exams i have given and for verbal prep i have used s...
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KIC.Education You can go for video lectures at www.online.kiceducation..... 08 Oct '13.
phani94 @tuligasiren thanks for ur valuable reply...if u r plann.... 08 Oct '13.
Hello Folks,
I had already posted twice in this sub-fora but hadn't elicited any proper responses- I am pretty sure there are many people in Hyderabad who are preparing for the GMAT, especially more than the number of people who had posted in here. Anyways, my query is: Which is the best insti...
Savyguy Anyone else there?. 02 Oct '13.
Rickeyy Take demo classes in different institutes like Princeton,.... 05 Oct '13.
HiI am planning to give gmat in late November/early December.If anyone interested in sharing materials DM me.my study plan For first 2 week of sept1-8th : Geometry (Manhattan guide-4 + Time material + OG).9-15th: Algebra (Manhattan guide-2 + time material + OG).
psibond Please download from internet. Everything is available.I .... 17 Sep '13.
ravindra.pujar didn't find much material online ,so purchased .worth buy.... 17 Sep '13.
Anyone writing GMAT based out of Hyderabad? If so, please IM (or message) me- we can collaborate and prepare for the examination.
Savyguy I haven't received any proper messages in here? Please, c.... 15 Sep '13.
Clopimania am into group add me up. 06 Oct '13.
Dear all,If you want to avail 15% discount on Manhattan review training course at Hyderabad including the books ( 4 MR material and 1 Official Guide 13th edition)you can contact me ;the course fee is Rs. 22,000 now available with me for Rs. 18,700 ( 15 % discount). This is valid for from 1st Sept...
Hello puys, planning to take Gmat next year or in 2015, have work ex of just 6 months till Aug 2013. What sort of ground work need to be done apart from taking classes and preperation? Looking for a list of top colleges around the globe. my acads scores areX - 83X - 90Grad - 63Currently working ...
sudheervar can someone respond to this?. 15 Oct '13.
Rickeyy Till now as per my knowledge, Join jamboree's admission c.... 31 Oct '13.
HI guys, i need a online or in person study partner who is very serious about his/her gmat and who can spend 2-4 hours daily
Can any one please tell me what are the books I have to study to take my gmat test, i am thinking of taking it in october 2013
tuligasiren hi aalokh,i too faced the same problem.not the probably f.... 10 Sep '13.
tuligasiren haven't decided yet,exploring alternatives.do you have an.... 10 Sep '13.
I have just started preparing for GMAT. Looking for a study partner who is regular so that we can be at pace and discuss any queries. Also it will help in shortlisting colleges. So please let me know if you are interested.
psibond HI @Elegant_lady ..Even i just started and planning to .... 28 Aug '13.
Hi Pradeep,
a few of my frineds have cited Career Launcher's GMAT Test prep to be really useful.. they say the accuracy is very close to the original exams..
u might want to look into that
good luck
Hi Everyone,
I Started GMAT Preparation last week. Also attending classes at MR. I am thinking of appearing for GMAT in November'13. Currently spending most of the day time in studying Quant. I feel As soon as I feel confidant at Quant, I will move onto Verbal. Materials I have are MR, Manhatt...
CsquareLearnings Hi Pradeep,. 25 Aug '13.
CsquareLearnings @pradeepreddyswi You can also practice questions from OG.... 25 Aug '13.
Hello Hyderabadis, I wanted to let you all know that the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies is now accepting applications for Masters in Environmental Management (MEM) - Fall 2014. Many peeps also take courses cross listed with the Yale School of Management and there is a decent gr...
Here you go guys, the next meetup in Hyderabad will be happening this weekend. We will be discussing and then solving questions from Critical Reasoning and Integrated Reasoning. Do RSVP now.
raghupro As of now it's only three of us.. 16 Aug '13.
sonalarora fine. 16 Aug '13.
Hi Puys!I'm Rohan & I'm gonna start my preparation for GMAT from this month. I've fixed the GMAT date as9th December, 2013. That'll give me like 4 full months of time. I really need some feedback on my chances. Also, I'm planning to join Manhattan Review (MR) in Himayathnagar/Tarnaka.Here are my ...
rohan11590 @11aalokh Thanks for the offer, but I have already joine.... 02 Sep '13.
rohan11590 @Tejaswini0712 Well, MR is good. I won't say the best c.... 10 Sep '13.
Hi,I am looking for any good GMAT test series. Anyone interested in sharing CDs or online accounts.I am ready to pay if anyone is interested please PM.
Guys we are having a Quant practice session this weekend. If anyone wants to join us then please RSVP on this meetup event.http://www.meetup.com/GMAT-Study-group-Hyderabad/events/131766772/
Hi guys, I on my busy with my preparation GMAT and would like to attempt it this September and i am aiming a decent 700+ score. I also have a one and half year experience in a software company and by this march 2014 my 2 yrs of job exp will be completed. By the time, i complete my test, th...
CsquareLearnings @ptej if you can manage to score above 700 on GMAT and w.... 01 Aug '13.
Hey all.. i asked a question here, couple of days back.. Please help me how to get my topic more answers..below is the link.. Thanks :)
CsquareLearnings @capranavmishra Try hard to get a good GMAT Score. A g.... 01 Aug '13.