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All GMATters at Hyderabad are invited to participate in this thread - An attempt to collectively pin the beast. This is another regular thread to club up the efforts of all Hyderabad junta aspiring to crack GMAT. I would appreciate if some Master GMATters who have cracked it also participate to e...
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Aman_Padda Anybody interested in group studies for Gmat. Please let .... 11 Mar.
krish_chaitu Hello,is this thread active? . 04 Apr.
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Can anyone please help me with how to start my GMAT preparation.. Planing to take the exam in June or July...
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amuulshah hi ram,where do u stay ?. 06 Mar.
ramimpulsive @amuulshah I stay in Madhapur, When shall we start, my .... 20 Mar.
I am planning to apply for ISB this year? which is the best time to write GMAT? i have to start preparing now. Also do we get our scores on GMAT immediately?
krish_chaitu .... 14 Feb.
krish_chaitu Ekadasi somavar in ashad masam is good..write GMAT then :P . 14 Feb.
Hello Everybody. I am a pharma graduate with the experience of well over 2 yrs. Can anybody suggest me the best coaching institute in the city? I have seen all previous posts and did my basic home work abt different institutes but would appreciate any help regarding the strategies towards the exa...
After a shocking cat results ive got no faith in iim n cat .. planning to work for 2-3 years and then apply for maybe isb or mba abroad .. so i want to know should i write my gmat this year or wait for a year or two ?? heard foreign unis dnt accept old gmat scores :/ thanks
Hi guys, I have startedmy preparation with Manhattan sc, found it quite interesting. Can anybody help me with GMAT materials which I should give a start for quant section, I am planning towrite exam on 1st week of April. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.
catchmayya HI can you please send the study material to catchmayya@g.... 08 Mar.
mayank7279 Hiii Guys ....Please send the same to me : "mdnitk@gm.... 09 Mar.
hi.i want to join gmat coaching in hyderabad.Please help me in joining a good institute.Princeton or manhattan review or crack isb.which one is good?please tell me which one is good..
thelostmonk Can somebody tell me how is Jamboree? I heard they opened.... 14 Feb.
subhi12 no idea about jamboree... 14 Feb.
Messed up completely..Given CAT..now GMAt..JOINED TIME..i dont know how good it is..but atleast i was expecting something frm times ..Planning to give in may.Suggest me any kind of preparation..espec VERBAL..kudosssss
Indrakiran ameerpet..weekend batch starting feb 9... 31 Jan.
samithrockz HI kiran,hows TIME for GMAT ?. 04 Mar.
Hello Everyone,Just to give an introduction, my name is Sai Prasad. I am an ISB Graduate, from the C/O 2011 and i am based out of hyderabad and working for Deloitte.Earlier last year, i became the first asian with a disability, to set foot on the antarctic continent. (http://www.facebook.com/Cele...
Hi everyone, I'm planning to take GMAT in June 2014. Can someone brief up the stages starting from registration to selection like how many days before do we need to register, choosing colleges, nd the subsequent processes....I'm actually new to this ....so nt dat much idea Apart from this, I want...
Pardita @Wonderful_idea Can u plz send OG12/13 via mail....... 31 Mar.
Pardita pardita_patra@yahoo.co.in. 31 Mar.
Hey dude,your exp is enough to get an admission into MBA out side India. more over some of the universities gives admission without work exp also.but it all depends on ur profile. gmat is not at all difficult if you understand the test pattern.the following is the gmat pattern.
GMAT Test Sect...
Balajisekhar Thnx dude.. . 24 Jan.
Can anyone send me the contact number of ********? I have read they have only one centre in hyderabad but I found two CrackIsbs'- one in Ameerpet (managed by Nucleus group) and one in Kukatpally (managed by Dexterous review). Can someone tell which is real and the better one?
Bala.k I actually called them last tuesday and they asked me to .... 17 Jan.
Bala.k If not crack isb what are other best alternatives given I.... 17 Jan.
Hi All,I want to give a shot for GMAT before this april 2014 and i am just confused where to start as i donno much about the GMAT and its pattern. Could someone guide me about the preparation strategy ?.. Also i have few questions popping in my mind:-1) I have 2 years experience in IT field. W...
kool_buddy Do you have any list of universities (of Canada) on mind .... 15 Jan.
Balajisekhar I have university of toronto and university of calgary in.... 15 Jan.
Hello Everyone,
Just to give an introduction, my name is Sai Prasad. I am an ISB Graduate, from the C/O 2011 and i am based out of hyderabad and working for Deloitte.
Earlier last year, i became the first asian with a disability, to set foot on the antarctic continent. (http://www.facebook....
hehaaawww Hi Sai I tried reaching you on phone & gmail , but se.... 19 Jan.
samithrockz hi,can you train me for verbal (only) ?. 04 Mar.
Hi Can some one please suggest a good book to that has topic wise practice questions? Tried Official guide and Manhattan Materials....but no topic wise practice queestions....and any one planning to appearthe exam in April or May 2014?
raghupro Spare around 45 to 60 days for your entire application. S.... 06 Jan.
raghupro you will not find much time to prepare rye says if you wo.... 06 Jan.
Can you please share a list of good GMAT prep institutes in Hyderabad? I'm planning to write my GMAT in May-June and looking at joining a prep institute in Jan.
Thanks in advance!
vrdk manhattan review ,begumpet is good.but the other branches.... 16 Jan.
amuulshah visited all three places and decided on crack isb.where c.... 17 Jan.
My test is on Feb 3.
I am weak in Verbal. but my quant is OK..
In dilemma of taking course or self study.. I got Ielts 7 by my own.. but for GMAT verbal I was in dilemma... Really require some advice...
Please help....
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psharath05 Thans for the info @tuligasiren ...I got MGMAT guides ..... 04 Jan.
Hex Best of luck for exam. 02 Feb.
Hi VV800,
I am ready to join with you... but I am in Bangalore... Shall we start it online it will be more helpful to the people who are staying in different parts and we can form a group... pls reply me...
Hi,I have just started my preparation for GMAT. Planning to take it in June2014. Would anyone be intrested in teaming up with me? I stay close to Gachibowli. Please mssg me. Thanks.
shiv3011_af Hi Amuulshah, This is Shiv here ,started preparing since.... 18 Mar.
shiv3011_af Thx. 18 Mar.
Any reviews on IIBM ( International Institute of Business Managment) distance MBA program?
I have just started the preparation for GMAT... Targeting Feb or march 2014. Can you guys let me know of good resources for mack tests preferably online and also if there are any good coaching centers around Gachibowli.. It would be really helpful if I can get this info.. At this moment th...
nspreddy01 even i am sailing in the same boat as you !! I have visi.... 20 Nov '13.
agrawal.anshul Hi nspreddy01, I have not yet visited any of the classes .... 21 Nov '13.