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All GMATters at Hyderabad are invited to participate in this thread - An attempt to collectively pin the beast. This is another regular thread to club up the efforts of all Hyderabad junta aspiring to crack GMAT. I would appreciate if some Master GMATters who have cracked it also participate to e...
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Aman_Padda Anybody interested in group studies for Gmat. Please let .... 11 Mar.
krish_chaitu Hello,is this thread active? . 04 Apr.
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Hi I need help is der anyone who have given gmat and was having access to course material ..
Thanks With Regards
@shattereddream can u send me the GMAT material u have ? my id winnie1911@gmail.com ...i saw u frwrdin material 2 ppl in some old posts ...hence the request..
shattereddream Check ur mailbox. 08 Apr.
I am planning for GMAT by end of this year.I have around 7 year IT exp and working as test lead in IBM.My profile is:
Class X:77%,XII:80%,B.tech(C.E):71%,
Don't have much non academic activity but have got few client awards.
Please let me know what would be my desired score to get...
Ammu18 Score range depends on the colleges you are applying to, .... 14h.
singh51 @Ammu18 thanks for reply.I am on Ml and my baby is too s.... 9h.
Hello Hyderabadis...gonna need some feedback from u guys... want to write GMAT for exe MBA..i already did MBA 2 years back and working now ...having more thn 2 yrs exp. how far it is feasible to get goodcalls if score is near r more thn 700 ? thxx
All who finished their GMAT exam.. Guys what are your scores...
People who didnt attempt yet-what are your dates for exam :cheers:
Ammu18 @krish_chaitu When are you taking it, how is your prep g.... 14h.
krish_chaitu @Ammu18 to be frank i am slogging... have to make it rea.... 13h.
Hey Guys.....can smone mail me the pdf of OG13??? Thanks in advance
Pardita I've already bought OG12 and OG 13 Verbal edition...so da.... 7d.
krish_chaitu @Pardita u can get it for 1039 ruppes on home shop 18 we.... 7d.
I am planning to take GMAT in a yr or two... From where should I start ???
krish_chaitu dont worry from now..start worrying 1 month before u star.... 04 Apr.
Ammu18 One month is not enough.!! Keep 4 months in hand,. 14h.
Hey Guys.......Just a doubt Do we need to separately pay for the colleges while filling applications on their official website even if it's one of the 5 clgs we selected while taking GMAT???
EssaySunday.com Hi @Pardita !Yes, GMAT just reports your official score t.... 30 Mar.
davidaspirant yes @Pardita ....:D . 31 Mar.
plz help: after how many months of giving the gmat exam , can we retake it. is there any such restriction of gap?
CsquareLearnings @pg1483 yes you can retake the GMAT Exam after 30 days .... 19 Mar.
ISBmantra.com Hi @pg1483 ! You may retake GMAT with a gap of 1 month. .... 19 Mar.
Hi ...My name is Ayush. I want to join a coaching institute for GMAT in Hyderabad. How is Crack ISB and IMS? Any other institutes or forums that I can join? Plz do suggest...Which is better for Verbal preparation?
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  • RajISB Heard that ******** is doing good...dear puys, please throw some light on this topic.
  • ayyash_life I went to their office... setup looks ordinary... How is the faculty ? Their fees is also higher than others... Are they really good for verbal? Guys... Plz suggest
  • amuulshah in my opinion,crack isb classes are very good.i feel its better to spend 4 k extra for quality training rather than waste 25 k for ineffective training( i joined for just 16 k somewhere earlier,later realized i didnt save money but wasted 16k ) better not to fall for external set ups ,economic fee and even for others suggestions,talk to different institutes and take your own wise call.by the way crack isb has a swanky branch at banjarahills,road no 2.
  • krish_chaitu I dont think any coaching institute is needed for GMAT... well you need counselor after your exam
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    I am incredibly confused by the website. I guess I cannot find the information I want yet, just joined. So, can anyone point me in the right direction please!!
    Question 1: - How many free mock tests are available online?
    Question 2: - If i have to buy a series of practise tests, which is th...
    bodhisat No, you have to buy the tests separately/ only.... 09 Mar.
    drajan makes sense. Thanks!. 09 Mar.
    hi need some help about gmat from you.. i've some confusion about exam pattern and exam date.. plz help me..those who want to help plz give a reply...
    bodhisat do you have any SPECIFIC question(s)?. 08 Mar.
    If negative integers k and p are not both even, which of the following must be odd?
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    finally, 700 in GMAT.would have felt happier ,if i had gotten 10 points more.however when i imagine,how would i feel,if i got 10 points less,feeling satisfied.thanks to all for sharing knowledge.
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    sudheervar i am naive at GMAT. what colleges can we expect for that.... 05 Apr.
    krish_chaitu Congrats ..into 700 club :) . 06 Apr.
    I was wondering to get some gmat test series..any suggestions which place is the best for Gmat test series
    shiv3011_af Hi Aman, I would like to join for Gp study ..kindly sched.... 18 Mar.
    CsquareLearnings @Dshivani I suggest you to Stick to GMAT Prep Software .... 19 Mar.
    got 610 in GMAT as i ruined my verbal section completely.please guide me if anyone has succeeded from 610 to 700 in 4 weeks.planning to give another attempt soon.
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    samithrockz awa 4,IR 7. 04 Mar.
    krish_chaitu good man... IR 7 :O . 04 Mar.
    r d PhD in Business Administration courses be fully funded ??
    I want to get a fair knowledge abt GMAT xam,... I have just decided to take d GMAT xam in the coming month of June, bt have no idea of pattern,... Moreover, how difficult is to gat 700+ score considering I have consistently got 99%tile score in Quants in CAT(twice) but only abt 80%tile in verbal,...
    bodhisat It is better to write at least one GMATPrep® test to unde.... 24 Feb.
    csipplz thx for d advice,... Can u suggest a test series website .... 26 Feb.
    Heylo everyone,
    I am Rinku.I am an engineering graduate with 2yrs 9 months experience in IT,Could anyone suggest me best institutes in Hyderabad for gmat or best online coaching courses.I want to know If I experience will serve me in any purpose for finding a good B school.
    ISBmantra.com Hi @Vreddy ! Your experience is on the lower side and a .... 20 Feb.
    Hello Everyone,
    Just to give an introduction, my name is Sai Prasad. I am an ISB Graduate, from the C/O 2011 and i am based out of hyderabad and working for Deloitte.Earlier last year, i became the first asian with a disability, to set foot on the antarctic continent. (http://www.facebook.com/...