GMAT aspirants at Hyderabad - Study Group GMAT & GRE Prep

All GMATters at Hyderabad are invited to participate in this thread - An attempt to collectively pin the beast. This is another regular thread to club up the efforts of all Hyderabad junta aspiring to crack GMAT. I would appreciate if some Master GMATters who have cracked it also participate to e...
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Aman_Padda Anybody interested in group studies for Gmat. Please let .... 11 Mar.
krish_chaitu Hello,is this thread active? . 04 Apr.
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lol .. hey prasanna could you advice where to begin for GMAT!!
wowwwwwwwwww..................Am I the only Pagal guy here........48 hours of no Posting....
Is there any curfew here, or ppl are meditating....:-)
sorry 3 hours....
No posting or reply in almost last 2 hours....Are we under the influence of Hibernation...is noone keen on replying for the Thread, study partner...
btw I have joined Manhattan review at begumpet (Classes from May)...just because I needed discipline and time out from family affairs...it was nearby, convenient timing, and cheaper compared to Princeton review, C Sqaure learning and Chopras...
Hi Guys...Am looking for a Study partner...I am intending to give my luck a chance somewhere in September this year...but because of the versatile role I play, sometimes as a Student, sometimes as a Boss, sometimes as a subordinate, sometimes as a Son, sometimes as a Father, sometimes as Husband....
Thanks absaha,Head_Honcho,Siva for your opinions.
Thing is i have enrolled in Manhatten begumpet on Saturday as its near to my room and sounds good with their each day dedication task allotted for preparation.
I could not even opt for any coaching institute if i can dedicate myself to prep...
I completely agree wit Honcho views on GMAT Prep institute.. I did some background research on all the top insti Manhattan, Princeton Review and another local one.. my feeling was that they mayn't be able to add great value but they may help in human networking and to keep you agile for the Prep....
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Regret to say that both are horrible. I scored awfully bad in GMAT and, after a week time, I went to Princeton and attempted their proprietary online test at lifestyle center. I scored 680. Guys can you believe it? If the questions type has so difference in level of complexity and of quality, wha...
In my opinion manhattan review has an edge over princeton.. In The quality of exams mainly.. and u can also look out for Kaplan.. whose mock tests are so hard that u would find the actual GMAT to be a walk in the park.. i even heard some positive reviews of an 'achievers point'.. may be u can exp...
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Hi aspirants,
Let me introduce first ,I am Santosh having 3 yrs of work exp in IT field better not to reveal about my dabba CMM-5 Soft comp,looking for a good Business school mostly ISB.......
And newbie also.Plan to for a good Coaching center as its better to shape up objective and plans w...
Hi All,
I plan to take GMAT this July (2010). I am currently working in a Consulting Firm as a research analyst. I have 4 years of experience in areas related to Corporate finance. Lets share ideas and best practices in this thread to help ace the exam..
Welcome to the club.. looking forward to more people from hyderabad.. so we can form a group and chalk a plan out.. Meanwhile.. there is a wonderful site beatthegmat.com which has a 3 month prep plan outlined for novices like ourselves.. i found it really helpful..
Hi All,
Thiz Anil, working with Infosys tech limted. I am planning to give GMAT this July. Bumped onthis thread to find fellow infoscions preparing for GMAT.Please PM me if any , we can take some time out and start prep !!
Hey all,
Is any one here taking GMAt in the next 2-3 months.. If yes PM me.. A study partner can serve well in keeping the prep motivated.. cheers
Hi Nikhil,
I did not refer to any book for my application essays. I wrote it all by myself and I feel that is the best way to do it coz nobody knows u better that urself. I have not read this book, so I really can't comment.
Hey Sonali... Somebody pointed me to that book too when I was trying to write my essays.. There's no doubt that she's a great author and knows a LOT about how all this process works. She, being the founder of Accepted.com(online wizard to help you with your essays), has loads of experience in thi...
Hi, I am BE(mech), Me too from HYd, 3+ work exp. Planning to take GMAY in MAy.
I heard from many of my frds who have taken classes at princeton and manhattan , that coaching is not required and is just a waste of money(for those who have less)
Hi Everybody,
This is Keerthi here. I am also planning to give GMAT this year. I am a CA with 2+yrs of experience. Guess u guys would have already started the coaching by now. Wanted to know your feedback w.r.t coaching classes in h'bad. any suggestions? Thnx in advance...