Gmat 710 Q-50,V-35 GMAT & GRE Prep

Hi all,
I appeared in GMAT yesterday and managed to score 710. It was the culmination of one and a half months of preparation. To be honest though,i had put in serious prep only towards the end. [smiley] Verbal proved to be my Achilles' heal.
I am giving serious thoughts to wr...
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Here is the link to a DS pdf
GMAT Preparation Guide: GMAT Official Guide Data Sufficiency

hope it helps.
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    Hi dude, CONGRATS on getting a good score of 710 and HAT'S OFF to your belief that it can be bettered.
    I too am planning to attempt GMAT. I am finding Data Sufficiency challenging. Can you please share the pdf you used or give its details (file name, website link, or google search title).
    Thanks a ton dude.You can find it in esnips. Also check out this blog GMAT Preparation Guide . Loads of useful stuff. good luck with your preparation.
    CONGRATS DUDE on your 710 score.
    I too am preparing for my GMAT. I am finding difficulty in Data Sufficiency. Can you share the data sufficiency pdf that you referred or its details (file name, website link or google search title).
    Regarding Verbal, since I don't have GMAT experience yet,...
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    The CAT algorithm is shrouded in secrecy. You can at best predict how it works. The bottom line is it rewards you more if you get tougher questions right as compared to getting easier questions right. As for the Kaplan test , don't bother with the score. Just use it to gauge your performance on a...
    Thnks dude. I appeared for the test in Kolkata. For Quant i referred OG11 , OG12 and Kaplan Premier. I had also downloaded a pdf containing lots of data sufficiency problems. I guess my cat preparation had prepared me for the quant section. !!
    Considering you got 710 with Q 50 and V 35, I am confused about how the final scores are calculated. The secret gets darker....
    I took Kaplan test 2 and got 620, the split being Q50 V31
    I got 32Right and 5Wrong in Quants
    and in Verbal 27Right and 14Wrong
    Somehow i think the score i ...
    Congrats for your good score......i also appeared from Pearson Mumbai (9am slot)and scored 580 (Q 47, V 23). i totally agree with you that verbal is the key to crack gmat.
    from which centre did u appear yesterday ?
    plz let me knw all the material u had gone through in Quant and Verba...
    I always wanted to take a shot at gmat. I started gathering study material in April. Work pressure was keeping me away from books. So i decided to book my slot. That was an impetus to slog during the weekends. I started off with OG11. Then proceeded on to Kaplan Premier and finally moved on to OG...
    Kudos to you brother.......gr8 achivement,comendable....share your prep strategy and schedule plz....
    Hi XaXiz,
    Thats an incredble score.. I dont think 35V is that bad one.. Can u please share ur debrief??
    Warm Regards,
    Vamsi Krishna
    thanx mate..
    my split is Quant 50 and Verbal 35. verbal screwed me. so i am planning to jump headlong into verbal prep.
    congrats bro...
    if you dont mind can you pls share your split?