Gmat 2011 - isb 2012-2013 GMAT & GRE Prep

Hi All,
People who are taking GMAT this year, and planning to apply for 2012-13 session please share your knowledge in this thread...
About me - Im from mumbai.. planning to take Gmat in June and may apply in R1.
Exp 3.5 years, IT pool, target is above 750 in Gmat.. :banghead:
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You can start of by downloading the gmat prep test on mab.com. The official guides OG12, Quant guide 2nd version and Verbal Guide 2nd version should help you in the preparation. There a lot of online sources and you could try Manhattan GMAT and other sites. You could check in the PG GMAT thread f...
@askmr & amit7808
Most B-schools have about 2-3 deadlines for application submission.
Incase of ISB there are 2 deadlines viz. R1 (round1 ~from June to 15th Sept) and R2 (round2 ~ from R1 deadline to 30th Nov). Based on the deadlines that you submit within, the interview dates will be deci...
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I am planning to take GMAT exam this year.. Can anyone let me about book and online sources?
Can anyone let me know what is R1 & R2? I am new to this forum.
I also need sm guidance...Bangalore only!!
Hi I am from Bangalore and looking for some guidance for GMAT prep. Are u done with writing the GMAT.?
I have an exp of 4 yrs.
IT pool.
Planning to take up GMAT in Jun-Jul.
Started preparation in Jan 2012.
hi guys i just want information regarding gmat, i dont have any work experince my acads are
grad75.36(B.E IN CS)
i just want to ask
1.which college i can get admission
2.how much time does one need for prep for test(i have already prep for cat)
Hi Puys,
am new to this thread..could you pls explain me wts R1 and R2?
intake month etc...
new aspirant inn !!!
Hello All,
I am Rahul, working in IT, having 6 years of experience.
I had done BE in EC and having average academics
Is I am eligible for all the good B-schools(ISB ad IIM's ), if I can get good GMAT score??
Please suggest
Hey guys I want to know what is difference between CAT and GMAt??(I MEAN STUDY WISE,WHAT ALL WE HAVE TO STUDY IN GMAT? )
has anyone from Delhi got interview call from ISB for R2...any idea how much in advance they send a call...and is there specific category of people who would be called for interview in feb 2012...there shdnt be a waiting game all the dates shd go in one go..:-(
Hi!! There is news going on for those aiming to register for GMAT exam in 2012. GMAT will have an Integrated Reasoning section. The test takes will get separate score for essay and score for Integrated reasoning section.
Hi All,
I submitted for ISB R2 on Nov 30th.
Did anyone who submitted around that date get an interview call from ISB ?
- regards
When are R2 applications interviews expected... the dates given by adcom are from 24 dec to 8 Feb!! Has anyone got call yet..
Hi Sausi007,
Thanks a lot for sharing piece of information. This would be very helpful.
You have mentioned something about "formal profile evaluation by ISB"-this sounds really good. Do you have some idea on how to approach for this?
I am planning to join classroom training at princeton...
Malay, please do not look for evaluations on this forum, you should probably look to one of the consultants for that.
What I can tell you as a fellow applicant is, everyone else has the same chance as you do. Your GMAT is almost near to the mid 80% GMAT of ISB(710). So if you write essays that...
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Hi everyone....
i m new on this site and this discussion seems to be interesting.
I have approx. 4 years of work exp in investment research and done MBA in finance(65%) and CFA from ICFAI, B.com (58%),12th (77%),10th (62%).
I want to apply in ISB 2013 for career progression. Would it be...
I scored 680 in GMAT. I have an IT experience of 3+ years. Cleared CFA level 1 and planning to appear for level 2 in June'12. I have also done a certification on Equity research report writing from Mumbai. Planning to do MBA in Finance.
Please tel me what are my chances of getting a call from...