Gmat 2011 - isb 2012-2013 GMAT & GRE Prep

Hi All,
People who are taking GMAT this year, and planning to apply for 2012-13 session please share your knowledge in this thread...
About me - Im from mumbai.. planning to take Gmat in June and may apply in R1.
Exp 3.5 years, IT pool, target is above 750 in Gmat.. :banghead:
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Could anyone tell me the link to get manhattan Sentence Correction, latest edition?
hi all im also from IT pool..planning to give GMAT...since you guys are there in the field..is it possible for me to give a try??? please do help me out
Hi All
i am in mid way of my preparations for gmat and i am worried about SC. My accuracy is only 50%. i have covered Manahattan SC and OG 12. about to complete OG 10 also. the thing that is making me tense is that i am about to complete the authentic material(og and manhattan SC) and still my...
If U feel more comfortable and confident when U apply in R2,then go-ahead...And,If there is no much difference in your profile in R2 than R1,then it is advisable to apply in R1...:D
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Hello there!!
I have an exp. of 5 yrs with 2 MNCs in Automation n Control Industry. First employer MNC was a campus recruitment.
I have decent Acads with 84 % in SSC, HSC and 75 % in BE.
How does my profile look as to chances in ISB? I guess a different industry may add value as compared...
Hi All ,
Here is another Mortal targeting ISB next year. Planning to give GMAT in July-August. If I get a good score , would apply for first round.
10th: 89%
B.Tech: 7.8/10 CGPA
Work Ex: 38 Months in IT industry ( would be 50 months If I join ISB next year )
Thanks for the link its a great help i appriciate it...
Hey Reviliant,
Varun here from Bangalore.
Have you joined any coaching center? And what books are you referring?
hi puys..
i am planning to give my gmat by june this yr and apply in the first round (if i get a decent score)..
I'm a mech engineer with a 2 yrs work ex on the shop floor of an automobile mfg company.
i have arun sharma n kaplan..n a couple of CDs with some tests loaded in them (plz par...
Hi puys,
Please find below the e book version of Arun Sharma, hope it helps:
How To Prepare For Qt Apt For Cat 2E - Google Books
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Hi All,
This is Siddharth here I'm planning to appear in the month of May end of June 1st week(hoping to score around 740) and targeting mid term of 2012.
About me!!
Work Exp : 3 years.
Industry : IT.
Domain : Finance.
Education : B.E.
cool I will buy it... thanks for the info sandy...
Can anyone send me SC grail and RC99. Thanks in advance.
I do not think Arun Sharma's quant book has got an e copy published.Anyways the book is not as costly as the OG and manhattan books.should cost you arnd 400 bucks.
I read somewhere that RC plays a crucial part in better score in verbal and is often ignored. In GMAT, a string of errors lead to less score. So if RC passage is not understood, that means we miss 4 to 5 question one shot.
Any one have arun sharma's soft copy... ??? please share...!!
Hi All,
Good to see a forum like this to share the info.. My GMAT score was 650. Planning to give back and improve my score. Kindly suggest some good material on Sentence Correction.
what about the RC part??. og 12 was easy. accuracy was gud. then i started rc 99. few starting passages -ok. but now as i am progressing the accuracy has come to half compared to og. any body having the similar experiences or i am reading rc in sleep
that explains!! a stellar memory- can cost you sometimes if you had a memory like mine, everything would be new to you if left untouched for a month....he he he and sometimes a week. I start on a clean slate..everytime ha ha ha ha
Hey Gullubadshah,
Thanks 4 d reply!! Wat I specifically wanted 2 kno is Hw bright are my chances 4 an ISB convert?:lookround: