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Hi All,
People who are taking GMAT this year, and planning to apply for 2012-13 session please share your knowledge in this thread...
About me - Im from mumbai.. planning to take Gmat in June and may apply in R1.
Exp 3.5 years, IT pool, target is above 750 in Gmat.. :banghead:
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Hi there!!
I have just finished with giving the GMAT. I was hoping to get some information on what would be my chances of getting into ISB for the 2012-13 session. My details:
GMAT Score: 720 (Q-49, V-39; AWA-5.5)
Industry experience: 3 yrs. as on date
Profile: Project Mgmt. (Aerospac...
Thanks for the input.
Whom do you mean to address?
I had PM you some enquiries regarding GMAT, please reply
Hi Gaurav,
710 is a good enough score, provided you are strong in other areas that ISB looks for. I would suggest you start listing out how you want to position yourself in your applications. List down your strong points (your acads are one of them), achievements etc. Try to note down good ...
I am a new enterant in this forum, and would like to ask for your feedback regarding my profile and chances of admission for 2012-2013 batch.
-GMAT score: 710
-experience: 3 years ( as on date )
-Industry: financial services (Big 4)
-class X: 90%
-class XII: 88%
GMAT per se does not test all grammar concepts. luckily GMAT tests only few of them and this does not require you to go thru wren n martin. Manhattan SC/SC grail gives fair deal of GMAT SC concepts. once done spend ur precious time by going thru practise questions and forum discussions . shud gi...
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depends on what your level of preparation is at the time of giving the princeton review test ... with the same level of preparation going into both tests i would say princeton review will give you a score in +/- 30 range of your GMAT score.
Target : MBA adm...
Dost, use the thanks button please, thats what its there for !!
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How close is the princeton review test score to actual GMAT score??
Which is the one grammar book that I should look at for GMAT, is it wren and martin??
I do have a manahattan SC and CR and plan to buy the verbal OG as well, Do I really need to look for any grammar book? Please suggest.
Thanks again there..
I dont think u need to buy Powerscore CR, since u have the Manhattan one, they are quite similar (thats what i hear !)
I think i might have them in pdfs somewhere , will try and search, Thanks
Where should I get the powerscore CR bible, is it available online? copyright stuff?
I have already bought the OG and Manhattan SC and Manhattan CR, Planning to buy the Veral OG and Quant OG as I plan to brush up on...
Google ur way to the 1000 SC and CR's(readily available, if you dont find them, pm)
Manhattan SC is the bible for SC
Powerscore CR Bible (By David Killoran) is the CR Bible, although, most of the users of Manhattan CR will say the same for their book
Read the previous post by Gullubads...
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Hi All
Can someone please help me with the various prep test softwares available for GMAT. And, also where I can find them?
I have heard of the folllowing, Please let me know if there are some more which exist:
GMAT Prep software from mba.com( i have downloaded it)
You can get access to a whole lot of Free Mock Tests on the web :
1. Kaplan GMAT Test
2. Knewton GMAT Test
3. Manhattan GMAT Test
4. Princeton Review GMAT Test
5. Veritas Prep GMAT Test
All these tests are free ... and doing a lot of tests from different places gives you access ...
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hi puys
can smbdy suggest me mock test other than gmat prep. coz i ve heard dat one shudnt practic too much on gmat prep as it starts repeating questions after 5 or 6 tests...rather it shud be kept as a measuring tool to gauge your likeliness of scoring ur target score wen your done with book...
MGMAT comes free (6 CAT exams) if you buy one of their books. if not, you can purchase them separately. they are good resource for practise, after official GMAT
Manhattan GMAT Computer Adaptive Practice Exams - 1 Year Access
Manhattan GMAT Discount 5 Test Order
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as far as i know, the adcom will not have access to your GMAT score during the interview. in my opinion you can easily overcome this by having a strong essay and interview prep. 760 is really a good score. you have crossed the GMAT gatekeeper. now the next hurdle is your essays and your diversity...
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