GMAT[2009] study group - pune GMAT & GRE Prep

Hi Guys,
This thread is for all those who are planning to take GMAT in next 6 months. Lets form a study group for Pune where we can we can discuss our stratagies and share our plans.
Please contribute to this thread with your valuable suggestions and lets prepare to get 750+ [smiley]
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Hi everyone.. First of all thanks for starting this thread.. its gonna be very helpful to ppl like me who are not joining any classes for GMAT, if we all can start our prep together and plan out our everyday target and stick to it!! What say guys??
Bit of info abt me:
1) BScIT graduate
Do you have the DVD maverick ??
you get a DVD also along with the xerox of kaplan... so its a good option ...
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I am new to PG and am happy to find this thread. I am plannin to take GMAT in May/June but have not yet started the prep. wht can be an ideal way to start the prep. ne books, material.
am staying in baner.
Welcome to the study group jolu !
So fart his thread has members who are starters and are giving gmat for the first time, so its really hard to come across people who have already given, but in due course of time we will definitely have more people joining this group.
ABC has a lot of bo...
Hi dude,
welcome to the group. ABC is Appa Balwant Chowk near laxmi road. It contains several book stores there.
nice to have a dedicated thread for GMAT aspirants from Pune....
I have not yet decided on any date for taking the GMAT...probably it's going to be the first half of 2010.....nonetheless I have started pacing my efforts towards the cause...but religious study is yet to be started..
Thanks for the info dude. is it advisable to have pirated kaplan? because I think there is a practice cd with the original one which we won't get with pirated one. correct me if I m wrong..
And how can there be a PG meet without u all guys
It's 600 bucks for og and 550 for kaplan and puys do let me know wenever u r planning to have a meet..
I am working in the IT industry since last 3.3 years.
I had attended Dilip Oak's class for GRE...but i have changed my mind and i am going for GMAT. The faculty they have is pretty good and you also get some good study material there after joining. Check it out.
I dont know much about the material for GMAT.To start with plz tell me which book should i refer.
thanks for starting this thread!
hi guys
I am planning to take GMAT in June/July...
Has anybody joined any class?Pls suggest which is the good class for GMAT in Pune...
i am not sure about the cds thing... u can check it out from the net. then dont have it i suppose. whats ur profession try ???
hi dude,
we will definnitely plan a meet when the group size is big enough. till then we can discuss our queries here.
by the way is there any CD provided with the OG 11. otherwise I ll go for pirated copy. because we have to buy Kaplan and manhattan original copies as they have practice cds.
Welcome to the group jake... we have a few members here and the group has started just a few days ago. We will definitely have a meet but i think its gonna take a little more time to fix the date.
hi everyone....
I really feel delighted with this effort. so all you Pune Puys...can have we have a PG meet at some local point where in we can plan on something definite......and i would request you guys if you all agree to it....then the meet can be kept during saturday or sundays......
I had been to ABC yesterday... the original copy costs you 1600 something and the pirated one is for 650 or less than that. The only difference both of them have is that of paper quality. :lookround:
I am looking at few more places for a second hand copy of the original one, but its hard to g...
how much is the cost of xerox OG11 there???
I am planning to give GMAT in May, started with Kaplan and manhattan SC... will be starting wit OG11 soon...