is 710 good enough for ISB? GMAT & GRE Prep

Had my gmat today. Scored 710.
I wanted to apply to ISB this year. Should I go ahead or consider writing the exam again?
Was expecting better scores as always scored in the range of 740-760 in mocks.
My profile:
-Electrical Engineer from top tier engineer college
-Working as...
Hi cool_cat_07,
No one can answer that question for you and only you can take a call on whether you should retake GMAT. However, for profiles and average GMAT scores of ISB students, please visit ISB's website, Indian School of Business, Executive Education, Business Research, B-school

Also, do browse through the official ISB query thread by the Admission's Director of ISB:

Thread locked.
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can you point me to that thread?
I think your query will get much better response in Dr Menon's official thread or at ISB aspirants thread. There's no point in starting a separate thread.
As far as your query goes, i think 710 is a competitive score. If u r targetting R2, go with this score as u hardly have time.
If u are...