XLRI GMP Prospective Students 2011 GMAT Accepting B-Schools

XLRI GMP Batch of 2010-2011 welcomes all the prospective MBA students in this forum.
We truly understand that decision to quit your current job and become a student at this stage of your life has to be a thoughtful and mature decision and hence...
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Actually managerial does not mean strictly managerial and thus you need not worry at all.
I was myself selected in XLRI's GMP program in 2009, and in the subsequent Yahoo Group of selecteds we had more than 50% students whose experience had nothing to do with the work of a manager.
That's okay, 5 years of exp is fine; not necessarily as managerial role.
Hello Puys,
I got confused with the "Managerial Experience" phrase. What is that supposed to mean here? I have 5 years of work exp. in IT and am currently with the Deutsch ERP Giant. I have never held any "managerial" position in my career. Would that make me unsuitable? confused
Yes you can apply through GMAT.
Hi Gmpians,
I have one query, is it compulsory to take xat for admissions in gmp course ...can I apply through gmat score even if Im in india at the time of xat exam since dont have any plan for appearing in xat ...also what was this year minimum and madin gmat score ...
The news is GMP 2011 batch has been fully placed and this year the number of career switch is encouraginly higher in this batch.
no breaks generally. after first term 3-4 days gap may be there. Attendance required is 75%. Before any leave take permission of Dean Acads and also the classes of profs you will be missing. Less than 75% grade drop.Bring your winter clothings as you might nit get a chance again. Also if you go ...
you can switch but chances r into ITmarketing and not anything else
not sure about PMIR .. I got this information from a fellow GMPian who has already reached Jampot..
for pmir and gmp both ?
single occupancy and alphabetical allocation.. .
hey any ideas about hostel allocation.. single occupancy or twin sharing.. method of allocation.. alphabetically or random or rank wise ( wild guess)...
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Hi guys
Does anyone know if it is possible to do a career switch after 8 yrs of IT experience from XLRI GMP program?? Switch to marketing
No, its not possible to convert Delhi number to Jharkhand number.
Official Attendence : I think it was 75%. You will need to check with respective professor(as per seniors)
I am not very sure about the breaks, but i think we will have 1 week break after each term. You will not look a nutcas...
I Congrats to the recent converters and all the best for the remaining aspirants. Its still not over. I dont have hard facts but I guess 1 or 2 more guys/gals may get an admission. So the WL has to move beyond 41.
I too benefited from this forum and all the participants. Thanks a lot!
WL 41 converted. Though it's a little late, so struggling to get the things done.
Have got benefited from this forum and all the participants. Thanks a lot!
Called up the college and was told get the normal report . I guess i will take a basic medical report with Blood group etc.
Hi friends and seniors
Please can anyone tell me which mobile network is best in Jamshedpur ? Also please can anyone tell me a good laptop shop in Bistupur as I have planned to buy the laptop from there.
Congrates to Shekhar and you!!
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I was about to ask the same question. You beat me to it..