XLRI GMP Prospective Students 2010 GMAT Accepting B-Schools

XLRI GMP Batch of 09-10 welcomes all the prospective MBA students in this forum.
We truly understand that decision to quit your current job and become a student at this stage of your life has to be a thoughtful and mature decision and hence...
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Hi Techno Freak,
You are correct in saying that XLRI will shortlist only those students who have 5 years of workex and in some cases it might relax 1 or 2 months.
Now on your question on whether you should join GMP or BM, I can just give you some thoughts but not advise.
(1) There are...
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I will be having 4 years of work experience in IT by may 2010 end...So I complete 5 years of work experience only by may 2011. But Going by the minimum criteria for GMP, If Im correct I shud be having 5 years of exp by march (2011) itself. Does it mean I become eligible for GMP only in 20...
Thanks for taking the initiative of helping us in resolving the queries. I have one following query regarding which i need your help:
I will have 4.7 years of experience by March 2010 out of which 2 years would be of lead profile. As per the eligibility criteria, the XLRI requires the...
Hi Kaushik,
I am planning to apply for the XLRI GMP programme for the 2010-11 season. I had a few queries, but before that my brief profile:
1) WorkEx almost 6 years as of August 2009 in a Leading IT consulting firm
2) International Experience 1.5 years at various locations of UK and c...
Hello 'waiwai',
XLRI is not very strict on 5 years of Managerial Experience, but said that, you would surely be tested for those qualities during your admission process, based on your interviews and essays.
All the best!
Hi Waiwai,
You have a good GMAT score and I would suggest you to definately apply. Are you an international applicant? I think XLRI understands that most of the IT people from US are generallly consultants. There are people in our batch who were working as a project lead and some consult...
How much internation work ex? What is the median GMAT score of XLRI, Whats your score in X, XII and college, how many EC's? How much hours do you spend on EC's in a month? How confident are you about your goals and recommendations on a scale of 10. Do you work in IT?
I have 6 years of exp, completely in a development role in a prod dev company, and no managerial experience. And a GMAT of 720.
What are my chances ?
Hi Ponds_ggn,
XLRI is not very strict on 5 years of MANAGERIAL Experience, so for example if a person has 6 years of experience and 2 years of managerial experience then he/she is elgible to apply to XLRI. Your profile looks good and you have a decent chance to get in XLRI for the GMP p...
Is 5 yrs of experience is mandatory as a manager, or one needs to have overall experience of 5+ yrs.
I'm a project lead with 8+ expr in major telecom software organization, handling a team but not as manager only in technical areas.
My profile.
GMAT=710(Q48,V39, AWA Awaiting)
i gave my gmat in nov,2007 . is my gmat valid for this years' app ?
The placement of last years batch 2008-09 was affected by the downturn/slowdown as was with all MBA programmes across India but we were able to place almost everyone till the last count came a few days back(yes it took a lot of effort and the placements had to be done on an extended basis).
The batch is infact highly diverse including IT and consulting ,doctors, architects, BFSI, armed forces, enterprenuers, Manufacturing, PSUs. Non IT consists of around 40% of the batch which is better than many of our peer MBA programmes in India. The exact details will be posted soon. The average...
Thanks for starting this thread. Some queries
1. When does the placement season ends and how have been the placements, if any till now. Is there a link that I could go to.
2. The xlri site still has forms for 2010 batch. I saw that there were two links for application forms. One if for NR...
Can confirm that XLRI only accepts GMAT scores which are not more than 2 years old.
Also can you throw some light on the placement for the 2009 batch.
Could you give a general idea about your batch profile. And also the most attractive thing (dazzling) in each profile that made the final admission possible ?