XLRI GMP Prospective Students 2010 GMAT Accepting B-Schools

XLRI GMP Batch of 09-10 welcomes all the prospective MBA students in this forum.
We truly understand that decision to quit your current job and become a student at this stage of your life has to be a thoughtful and mature decision and hence...
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Hi RK28 ... where did you get this information from dear? I called up the same PO lite guy and he said that there is no further movement of WL after 46 yet .............. and they will wait till 12 of JUNE now............how generous they are they will wait till some one does nt enter the class...
Best of luck Ramakant!! Mine is 57 but I have well and truly given up. I wonder if these people really expect us to manage such a large sum in a matter of three days.
Hey Nuttyvarun and Siddhu, did u guys get offer...because I am at 53 and when I called today, the polite guy said that I am close and will get call if selected !!!!!
Hi guys,
I am a Chartered Accountant presently with 4 years of post qualification experience.
Just a couple of queries:
What kind of roles are presently available to Chartered Accountants?
If someone from the present batch share- How many Chartered Accountants are in the present B...
Dear Vijay,
Thank you so much for staring this thread, I am Abhinav Sud and am looking forward to this program next year, My profile is as follows
Age : 30
X (DPS RKP) : 91% (CBSE)
XII (DPS RKP) : 94% (CBSE commerce)
BCom (SRCC) : University 3rd
Cleared CA in 2003 (2n...
Hi Vijay,
Thanks for your kind words. But last year total intake was left 97 only which was 23 short to 120. This year the intake has already been 120 and no drop outs now as far as Adcom confirmed. I am told to wait till 10th June then they will return DD. I dont understand in that case how...
I don't think that the total no of admits will move beyond 120 (there are logistics and other issues involved which you would be in a position to appriciate once u join XL)...but, be positive abt WL movement ...last year ppl got confirmation by 2nd week of june as well......so hope for ...
See if the intake will be increased then probably they will start with new batch as of now 120 is the last confirmed intake. But you never know when can this be increased yar. Anyways guys these are the last days of this thread. Better luck next time. If all 46 people have submitted their approv...
Hmmm.. does anyone knows the exact intake this year for GMP?
well.. I read it @ 2 difference place that the intake in GMP last year was 11 more than declared number..
@Sidhu69.. dont feel bad man.. I am WL#47, and in current scenario I am WL#1 ..it's like, "haath mein aaya par mooh na laga...
Well yes, i did talk to the lady. and like always she was not willing to disclose how much the WL had moved, and the chances of people still waiting. So i talked to her a bit sternly and told that i am answerable in my office and wud need some time for preparation etc.
Then she told me that wh...
hi sidhu69 did you get any email from ADCOM.............. i had a word with them today and they say no further Wl clearence for GMP. Since you are closest to last mark so asking you. They told me that till 10 June they will retain our DD of 30K and then will return to non selected people.I aske...
Adcom is saying that if WL gets cleared further then they will call people immediately and will email a scanned copy. And when i asked them the last date for admission freeze ............ they said god know i mean they can not say................ no wonder if some one gets a call on 11th June ...
http://groups.google.com/group/xlri-gmp-admits-2010-11 is the google group
hay battlegear, what are my chances at WL-53. What u think as u might be having some information. Please revert.
The google group is GMP admit 2010.
anyone here whose planning to join GMP... need some info!! Thanks
hey ramakant28,
can u pls send me details of the GMP google grp.. i searched but cudnt find it...
just keep the faith dude... u will get the admission offer for sure.... i know its hell waitin for the bloody admit but u jus gotta keep hopin for the best... :thumbsup:
btw keep ur funds ready for the first fee installment.. and ur resignation letter ready. good luck.
Hi Guys who is at WL 47? I believe Wl47 and WL48 may clear soon and there may be a couple of further. I talked to GMP office today. They still say that WL 46 is cleared as of now.
siddhu u ll surely get the offer as there are two guys who have mailed at google group of GMP admits that they are leaving GMP for IIM-L and XL-BM.
No, I didn't get any offer yet.
btw, its Sidhu. with a single "d"