US MBA Loan and Re-Payment->Worth It? A Discussion GMAT Accepting B-Schools

From what i know after speaking to alums from almost all top-15 schools, repaying the loan is a darn big thing and it takes a pretty long time. People come from India (who have never been to US) t...
What was that :wow:
I thought we'd have enough money. I mean, when we are at school. No one at GSB mentions this as a potential issue. "Money is always a non issue. You'll have enuf and perhaps more". That's what i hear.
After school - we make our own destiny [smiley]
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Yes, If you return to the US on a Student Visa (F1) then your earlier H1 B would eventually become invalid. Hence, you need to go for a new H1B for your post MBA employment in the US. On your second question, I am not sure if there are any disadvantages. As you have worked in the US before and are exposed to their work culture, you may have a slight edge on others (no US experience) with skill sets.

So if i return to India, i would have to apply for H1B again to be able to work there, right?
Also, does applying for H1B for the 2nd time have any particular advantage or disadvantage? Thank you
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So if i return to India, i would have to apply for H1B again to be able to work there, right?
Also, does applying for H1B for the 2nd time have any particular advantage or disadvantage? Thank you
Based on your plan, If you come back to Indian in Year 2 and stay in India (out of US) for a year, then the clock is reset. That means, Year 5 will be treated as the starting year for the new H1B you are going to get after your MBA.
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After getting an H1B this year, I have a set plan for the next 7 years(if all goes according to plan)
Year 1 - Work for my company in the US
Year 2 - Back to India & work for a yr more
Year 3,4 - MBA in the US
Year 5,6,7 - Work in the US to repay my loan.
Query: H1B is valid for a ...
nice explanation
Any reason for not looking at Indian MBAs? there are some top notch ones right here as well...
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what is the credibility of this company???
Has some one taken a loan???
Seniors help pls.........
bs0409, each b-school would have certain fixed and variable component that would determine the cost of your MBA.
For example, the fixed components would include the tuition fees (which is the major chunk), health insurance, fees for books & course materials. The variable component would be yo...
myself ashish from India , from a middleclass family taking a loan and thought to do mba in usa ,i have few questions
is mba from average university in usa is worth to be taken as loan to pay tuition fees or there is hamburger of universities like scene in India and one cant pay loan so easi...
Can anyone tell me what would be the total cost for doing an MBA in US from top20 universities...?
I referred to different websites but each one is giving different estimates.
ITs a US mba loan topic but still --I dropped the idea of joining HKUST inspite of 100 % scholarship(though chances are high that i might join it next year after collecting some good amount of money)
I really want to be back in india asap and thats the priority for me!!
I also heard of Paras. How quick and reliable are they in processing loan applications?? Any idea?
In this context does anybody have any idea about
1) How long it takes to get Canadian citizenship?
2) How long the US GC queue is for Canadian citizens?
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OPT period is 12months. You are allowed 90days of unemployment in the OPT period before you have to leave the country. However, if you are working in even a non-paying job, then the 90day rule is put on hold. Most students, when still searching for a job, volunteer at some kind of organization an...
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Hi Folks
Anyone having any idea on the following:
Duration of OPT in US post MBA? Is it 14 months ? Also anyone who completes an MBA from US gets to stay in US during OPT irrespective of whether they get a job or not ?
@MissionMBA2013 : also, check out http://www.isloan.org -- they're giving US$ based loans and their terms are wayy better than Credilia's. Makes the finance not a worry! I had used them for my undergrad in the US many years ago.
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@TraderJoe -- really?? Clearly really really smart, only then would you get into a top school & get a fancy well-paid job. I'm really surprised that you start off iwth "if you can keep you job for 5 years". Most companies do have a leaning-out-the-fat policy, but it is mainly for getting rid of t...
Hey... I do not have too much idea about these schools, but about the loan of 20 lakh, why are you saying that u will need to pay it back in 3 years? if you take a loan from say, Credila, or even a PSU bank, all of them have a repayment tenure from 7-10 years... which means much lower EMI... mayb...
Hey i have got 71%in ssc,55in hsc and 63 in B.E from mumbai university ,
7 + years of IT experince and 3 years of enterpernur experince +10 years of USA B1 Visa,+ 3 Months Of Internation Exposure.Whihc unviersities i shud target for ???
Hi Folks
I have an admit from BYU (2011-2013).My details are as follows : 700/IT/3years; planning to do specialization in Marketing. I have few questions out here:
1. The duration for OPT post MBA is 14 months or not?
2. Chances of getting a job/H1B after a degree from BYU considering it...