University of Maryland- Robert H smith School of Business fall 2012 applicants GMAT Accepting B-Schools

I could not locate any threads for the fall 2012 UMD applicants. If there is one can anyone pls send me the link. Any applicants who have applied in round one? :banghead:
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Hello everyone... I am Anand G Nair..I have an admit at Smiths for the Fall 2013 Program.

I would like to meet up all u guys who plan to join Smith's for the Fall Program.

My Mob is 08050286245.

Email: anandgnair85@gmailer


Lets get to know each other before we set sail..:-)

Am at Bangalore..So guys around here..pls ping in..we shall meet up.

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  • dushyantv Hello Anand..I am Dushyant from Vadodara Gujarat. My academics are :-
  • dushyantv 10th --> 85.69% was 1st in school with technical subjects.
  • dushyantv 12th--> 73.80% PCM. Done B.E Electronics and commu with 8.5/10 CGPA.Presently, I joined one MNC as an Technical Engineer.1 month experience...And I was in the top 3% college..I have participated in sports, Joined many courses like Digital Electronics, Micro controller, etc...During vacation. Got a training for 6 months. I am Swimmer and Athletic person...I want to do an MBA from University of Maryland Smith.. So, Can i get there ? How many ideal work exp required for MBA program ??? I am keen to do an MBA there...How many years of work exp is required ? And Is my academic background is good ???? Help me...advise and opinion needed.
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    Hi Guys,
    Good to see so many people active on Smiths thread!!!
    I am Punit, and I have got admit to Smit Full time MBA...
    690 Gmat, 2.5 yrs Experience in TCS (Male Engineer IT!!, exactly the type unwanted in INDIA!!!!:biggrin::biggrin:)
    Anyways, so guys how may of you are thinking of j...
    Excel sheet for Fall 2012 Applicants
    Hi All,
    I got an admit with scholarship+GA.
    Kindly update the following excel sheet for Fall 2012 applicants to keep things in perspective.
    think this "umdmba" guy is just making noise for the sake of it ... we all will have only one MBA degree, and only once chance at life as well , there is no room for regrets .... we have to make our decisions with the information at hand and then work hard to make it work.
    Just getting an MBA...
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    Everyone, firstly umdmba is not a UMD Student. He is just a prospective student who visited the school. Just putting it out there so that you know how much weight to put on his opinion.
    a. Do you even know what you're saying, you're accusing the school of systematic racism based o...
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    signing out soon
    Have not applied to Smith and most probably joining another program, but Just out of curiosity, is the total scholarship amounts to full tuition waiver + living stipend? wont you need to shell out anything at all? TIA and ATB
    Buddy, would you care to elaborate why and how accepting Smith has been a decision that you have come to 'rue'. If you are unwilling to identify yourself on a public forum by creating an anonymous account, at least post some data to support your claim. And please also help me and everyone else un...
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    Hi there. This isn't a UMD Smith fanboi club right? I feel everyone is entitled to his/her opinions and experiences.
    Every school has its fair share of disappointed students because they didn't get what they expected. I think it's very important to listen to their experiences and see if these...
    Just trying to make people aware of the situation there.
    When I visited the campus I saw the preferential treatment meted out to Caucasian students. The career services consists of Caucasians who dislike Indian students as per my interactions. Also one of the current Caucasian 'scholarship/fe...
    Just trying to make people aware of the situation there.
    When I visited the campus I saw the preferential treatment meted out to Caucasian students. The career services consists of Caucasians who are racist and dislike Indian students as per my interactions. Also one of the current Caucasian '...
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    Hey buddy ...why are you spreading negative sentiments about UMd Smith MBA, every one has their own perceptions ....
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    I think if you choose Smith for your MBA you may end up ruing the choice for the rest of your life. You guys still have time to back out.
    Hope common sense prevails!
    ya, u r right .. thanks for the reply.. was just being over optimistic there is something called a Smith scholar award which gives a GA and a schol on top of it. Anyways, I am happy with what has been given :)
    A GA will give you significant tuition waiver and a monthly stipend. If you calculate the savings it would be more than the cash schols
    I have been in touch with some current students and alumni. I got pretty decent reviews about the MBA program at Smith but looking at the placement statistics, it seems that the more than 65% of the students are placed in DC. I regard this as a disadvantage as few alumni would be available in res...
    Hey Guys ,
    I know i am late in joining the thread. Hi to everyone as some of us are gonna be future class mates.
    I also got an Admit from R.H.Smith and a G.A. + tuition remission + Schol .
    The G.A. is for first year but is most likely to be repeated for the second year. all those who hav...
    Hey Pradzy.
    Tried approaching banks? they give upto 20 lakhs in loan for students going abroad for MBA.. maybe you can try there..
    I agree. 15K is the max I told. was just over optimistic. However, do every indian get an internship? whats the avg sal they get for interns?