University of Iowa - Tippie MBA - Fall 2012 Applicants GMAT Accepting B-Schools

Hi everybody,
I am 1st year student at the Tippie School of Management.
My profile details :
GMAT : 710
Work Experience : Almost 5 years
Industry: IT ( Tata Consultancy Services)
Education: Computer Engineer
I am a Graduate Assistant for the Admissions and Recruiting Team....
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B I U Post
sent the confirmation, but hasn't paid the deposit yet.. it requires filling of Fin.statement as well.
Is ther anyone who is paying the deposit anytime soon?
@mitmash: sent you a pm. and yea do join the FB grp.
Signing out soon
I was also wait listed on Tuesday. Got an admit with GA and scholarship on Thursday.
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POE is Process and Operations Excellence. Its one of the specializations offered at Tippie geared towards things like Procees and Operations Improvement, SCM etc. for industries like manufacturing, distribution, retail etc.
Signing out soon
I have sent you a PM with the details.
Do u have admits from any other schools?
I applied for POE too..
690/5.5 (Nov 2007 GMAT)
WE - 8+ yrs IT about 1 yr business
Academics - below avg
ECs - OK
Applied in POE track coz that's what I do now.
Congos!! whts ur profile? wch track dd u apply to?
In with GA and Scholarship!:o
Confused about accepting!
My interview was on the 22nd. Got the mail today!
Congrats aritri :cheers:. When did u have your interview?
in with GA and Schol..
i ve been waitlisted at Tippie ..very disappointed..thought my interview went well..can someone tell me what are the chances of getting an admit once your waitlisted?
@MaxthePug: what is your profile?
In with GA and Schol .
Hey puys,
Done with my interview . It lasted for about 40 mins. Just some general questions like why MBA and Why Tippie. I was interviewed by Ms Coleen Downie.
I was told to expect a decision in about a week. So fingers crossed.
Hey Rahul,
That was a quick decision mail!!you mustve done very well in your interview..i had my interview on the 16th...waitn for a decision now..