UBC, Sauder MBA Fall 2012 Applicants and Admits GMAT Accepting B-Schools

Hi All,
Initiating this thread for all those applying/admitted to the Sauder School of Business, UBC for the Fall 2012 FT MBA program.
I have an admit from UBC Fall 2012 . Please come and join the discussion.
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Hello Friends,
Greetings! I got a call for interview. Have to book time slot. Please tell me whether the time slots given to us are in IST, GST or EST. Please reply as soon as possible.
Also, please tell me how many copies of official transcripts are to be sent to UBC and at which address...
Glad that it helped. Apparently, it was built with the input of UBC Alma Mater Society, so it was pretty useful to check the distance from UBC, etc., and since the posting is targeted at univ. students, most landlords are also more accommodating to the student population.
Thank you Jeeka
Ive been looking up this website, its really well built for UBC students
@Gaurav and the rest of the people applying for VISAS. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up regarding the IELTS requirement. Over the weekend, Two people reported on the facebook forum that their VISA applications were rejected by the Consulate even with the letter from the college stating the...
Re: Housing
In addition to the usual suspects (craigslist, kijiji) you can lookup Apartment Rentals Vancouver, BC: Search Apartments at AMSRentsline.com as well.
In my experience $500 is feasible only in the case of shared accomodation (2-bedroom shared by 2 students paying $500 each). Sing...
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Hey that would be great ! thank you so much for the information. I will start looking right away!
Thanks, aarti
Hi Gauruv, since they have given you a date (June30th) I would suggest to try and get the docs to them ASAP.
However the lack of documents wont stop them from calling you for an interview.
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Hi Skinnybob,
They didn't ask specifically for the docs but they mentioned about it in the mail that i received as my application has been passed for 1st review. However, they did mention that 30th June shall be the last date for submitting these documents.
Quote from mail that i received:<...
Hi Gaurav, question about your Official transcripts.
Did the Admin team specifically request for those after your submitted your application? Only in this case, would I worry about sending them immediately. Generally they can process your application based on "Unofficial transcripts" (a xerox ...
Hi Aarti,
From what i heard, the accomodations at the MBA house are quite small for single students. (I believe if they offerred it to you at $850 then its for a single student, family is $1250). You have to use a shared kitchen, and you will have to share your room with someone else, making...
Hi skinnybob,
Thanks Again! If I could get the waive off letter, my half the burdern will be reduced. I will let you know once I get the admit.
Thanks and Regards,
Yeah, I am going for the medical exam tomorrow. I denied the offer of MBA House as the lease term agreement was for 12 months. They offered me 850$ per month. I am not sure, if I took the right decision, but looking for something cheaper, and I heard everywhere that MBA house was very exp...
Hi Aarti, how you doing, hope all your visa processes are going okay,
Yes a medical is required,
regarding accomodations, honestly your going to be hardpressed to find something for about $500, If your looking for a one bedroom place, realistically your budget should be 750-850.
The o...
@ Gaurav - Yes, I agree with Aarti, if UBC is requesting for your official ceritificates then make sure to do everything possible to get it to them. If there are some circumstances which are preventing you from getting the required the certificates, make sure to call/email the admin team and ask ...
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Hi Aarti,
Thanks a ton for your valuable advice. I will try to arrange official documents and send it to the UBC before 30th June which is supposedly the deadline for last round. Also, in between, i guess i will have to take up IELTS somehow. Lot of work to do and I still haven't had my interv...
Thank you getting it done tomorrow.
Hi everybody ! has any one got the visa? Please share if you got it without an interview and how long did it take?
Could anyone help me out with accommodations at BC ? I am not able to find something reasonable on the internet. I am looking for a rent...
Hi Gaurav,
If they are asking you for your official documents its likely you might have been approved in the first screening. So, please do not delay sending your official documents and you may start the procedure immediately. Make sure your documents are sent by the fastest means of post. My...
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Based on what I've read online, it is my interpretation that a medical exam is necessary if you are going to be there longer than six months (which you are) and are a citizen of India.
Hello Friends,
I need your help/opinion on following fronts:
1) I have to arrange for official documents to be sent to UBC and considering my University is in chennai and I am in Punjab right now, it can take atleast two weeks to arrange the official documents. Since I am still waiting for ...
Hi Kalpana!!
Have you got an admit for fall 2012? Please share your profile and how are things going on at your end. I have applied for an education loan, waiting for the sanction to apply for the visa!
Hey Does anyone know if medical examination is mandatory for the Visa to Canada? I do n...