SP Jain PGPM Admissions 2013 GMAT Accepting B-Schools

SP Jain's Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM) is full-time, residential MBA programme. The programme aims to create and nurture value-based thinking in future leaders and equip them with the skills required for roles in higher management in transforming organizations.
SPJIMR perceived the need of the industry for thought leaders in middle and seniors management and successfully endeavored to create the PGPM course. The programme which is in its eighth year has challenged the paradigm of conventional executive education in management with its emphasis on practical learning and value based education. The course provides a strong foundation in general management and allows the participants to specialize in the areas of finance, information management, marketing and operations. The participants can further customize the course to suit his/her individual needs by choosing from a wide range of electives available either outside or within his/her area of specialization.

The customized approach enables the career development of the participants through-
A) Contextually specific role and domain focus
B) Functionally integrated teaching-learning process
For more information visit our website: SPJIMR - SP Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai
Announcing the availability of online application forms for PGPM 2013 batch:
SPJIMR - SP Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai

Important announcement:
1) Application form for PGPM 2013 intake is now open. The last date for applying to PGPM programme is 15-July-2012.
SP Jain follows a rolling interview process. In this process, profile of candidates will be assessed on a rolling basis and eligible candidates will be shortlisted and called for interview on a rolling basis (up to July 15, 2012). The benefit of this process is that students will not have to wait for a long time after applying online. Shortlisted candidates will be intimated by email and called for interviews at the earliest.
Hence, we would like to request the candidates to not to wait till last date for applying online, but as soon as they are ready to apply. This would help us in accelerating the entire selection process and release the final list of candidates at the earliest.
Also, the last date for submitting GMAT scores is Sept 30th 2012. Provisional admission may be given in exceptional cases which will be confirmed only after valid GMAT scores before Sept 30th.

Few Important pointers about the admission process:
Rolling admissions
5 years full time work ex as on Dec 2012
GMAT, CAT, XAT scores are accepted
Minimum 3 years of bachelor's degree in any disciple from a recognized university in India or abroad
Salary, Roles performed - one of the important criteria for selection
2 rounds of interview
Round 1 - Work Ex, Roles
Round 2 - Value system, communication, personality, versatility etc

Apply now: SPJIMR - SP Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai
We are planning to organize webinars this time, details of which will be circulated in due course.
2) Fees for this year are subject to change. The charges mentioned on the site are applicable l for the present batch.
3) Location of interview would be Mumbai.
4) GMAT scores should be submitted via GMAC. Code is 6DQ-MJ-12.
5) The intake for next batch would be around 120.
6) We would soon come up with a dedicated FB page for PGPM admissions. Please keep watching this space for more updates.
7) PGPM has been certified as 1 year Full Time MBA by AMBA

You can view the present batch profile at: PGPM Batch 811
Recent placement statistics are also updated at: Placement Statistics PGPM Batch 710
PS: Please refrain from posting any profile evaluations queries, as no one here can judge your profile better than you.
-Admission Committee PGPM 2012
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Hello Adcom,
Thanks a lot for initiating the official thread that we can rely on. It is always nice to get the first hand information. :)
In the first post you mentioned there will be two rounds of interview.
2 rounds of interview
Round 1 - Work Ex, Roles
Round 2 - Value s...
Hello Adcom,
I have a couple of questions,
1. If we are taking GMAT later (but applying now), should we submit the score via GMAC directly or through the PGPM application online. Coz, the online application says that once we submit our application, we cannot change it again. How to update t...
Minimum work ex required is 5 years until Dec 2012.
PGPM Adcom
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rochak22 Dear Adcom,. 30 Apr '13.
Please read the first post of the page to know about the entire admision process. If you still need clarification, feel free to drop in a line.
PGPM Adcom
Like us to know more: https://www.facebook.com/pgpmadmissions
I got a mail for this course.It is written in the mail that In case you have applied for other Programs in SPJIMR, forms can be transferred without additional application fees.Does it mean that we dont have to apply again or pay application fee if we have applied to SPJIMR regular courses....
Hi, would SPJ consider a applicant with 4.2 years work exp?
Hello Seniors.
Here is my profile:
total experience: 8+ years in IT
GMAT - 640
Qualification : BE. MArks decent
I am planning to apply to PGPM. What are my chances of converting?
Very important question : What is the interview process? Is there GD? I heard that SP Jain's intervi...
Hello All,
We have come with a dedicated facebook page for PGPM admissions.
Like the page to know more about whats happening on the admissions and also to get insights into the course.
Telephonic interviews did take place last year. So go ahead and apply.
All the best.
Salary is just used as an indicator to see how well have you progressed in your career. A person with "x" years exp is expected to be in a certain salary bracket.
It is not THE deciding factor. So please do not read too much into it.
3 3
Hi, Is there any provision for telephonic interviews, in case shortlisted for same, for abroad candidates.
Hello Adcom,
I do not know if this is the right forum to ask this query. Could you please clarify as to why salary is considered an important criteria ? Does that mean you are looking for,
a minimum salary to be met from the candidates ?,
Or, is it to check if salary is on par with the c...