SMU's Cox School of Business, Dallas MBA fall-09 Admits GMAT Accepting B-Schools

Hi All,
I have been admitted to the full time MBA starting fall-2009 @ Cox with $58,000 schol [smiley]
Started this thread for all puys who are on the same boat or are applying to this B-school.
I will be happy to answer any queries you may have!
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Hello Folks!

I am a bit of a late starter out here! Got my scholarship decision just a week back and have decided to join Cox MBA Class of 2011 starting this August.

For the record, I have been working with TCS since more than three and a half years, with the last 18 months in UK. Now totally hooked on to the paperwork required to get the I20 and thereafter the F1 Visa!

Good to see that future batch-mates have started getting to know each other very well out here. Will stay in touch from here on, and will keep popping up questions about the visa process to those who are through with all their preparations and are now somewhat 'cooling their heels' before they finally head towards Dallas.

Thanks & Regards,
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    I have sent a PM to you. I prepared a lot for the VISA interview... i mean the paper work and all.. but the officer just asked very basic 4-5 questions and didnt ask for any doc. The questions were:
    Why do you want to go to US?
    What have you been doing in INDIA?
    Why have you ch...
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    Congrats abhi
    Can you please share your VISA process preparation and interview experience ?
    Hello frns!
    Had my visa interview today.. went fine.. and i m glad that I am finally done with the formalities ;)
    All the best to all of you!
    Anybody who is in the same boat.. and has decided to join Cox?????
    Another reject. Got the post today
    Guess all our fate is the same. Tough luck guys. ATB for other applications. I am awaiting my mail though
    I got a mail(post) today.
    It's a reject. had an interview in bang ..
    Did ne1 who had a personal interview got through??
    When did you get the mail?
    I got the mail and its a reject guys.
    I hope that the mails arrive soon and an end is put to all our speculations
    I too remember her saying that. But, a bad process! Why can't they mail everyone? Tch tch..
    5 days.. but i am worried as she said if selected they would mail else expect a post, when i had a pi WITH HER IN BANG
    I havent mailed her. How long do u think, it would take for a normal post to reach us?
    same here..
    ne1 has got a different reply
    That sounds funny!! If mine is going to be a ding, I am going to announce it like I won a President award!