Schulich MBA - Fall 2012 Applicants & Admits GMAT Accepting B-Schools

Hi All,
Initiating this thread for all those applying/admitted to the Schulich School of Business for the Fall 2012 FT MBA program.
Admitted: Fall 2012 - Schulich School of Business
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Hii.. Can anyone please tell me if schulich accepts students with 3 years bachelors?
I have done my bachelors from bangalore university..the only thing thats stopping me from applying to york is the absence of a 4 years bachelors.
IF you need guidance on paying, Carol Partland is the contact to make.
She will answer your queries directly. cpartland@schulich.yorku.ca She will walk you through the payment process step by step.
Thanks Chethan
There are research assistant, teaching assistant, exam proctoring jobs available but you can apply for them once you enroll by approaching the professors or department staff in person.
Hello Everyone,
Has anyone heard anything about the different types of on-campus jobs available at Schulich. How much does one get paid for it?
Thanks in advance!!
Can someone help who has paid or considering to pay thru Travelex as it would be useful when we pay our Tuition Fee also !!
Hi Amit,
If you find a way how to pay the fee through Travelex please let me know that too. I am also considering paying it via Travelex but i am not sure how to do it.
Hey Puys,
I wrote to Schulich about how to use Travelex for our payments and they said ppl from India have used for transfering money. Can some explain how to use that facility as I have inquired so many times, but haven't got any idea how to use it exactly. The Page they have mentioned for pa...
I would suggest you write to the intladmissions and also to the admin coordinator assigned to you. You would have received the confirmation email from admin coordinator. I did the same. I had filed my app on 31st Jan as well. Had my interview in last week of Feb. I received the admit on 5th March.
I have applied on Jan 31st and got the confirmation mail that the application has all documents on Feb 20th. It has been 40 days after that.
Should I write to Schulich Team to know the status?
At this point in the process if you are thinking of applying to Schulich it should be for January in Toronto. The application deadline for international applications was February 1 for September 2012 and at this point I know there are lots of applications on wait list.
However, if you have re...
I got the email on 5th March. Package on 26th March
Yeah, you can use Travelex. Go through the thread. A current student has posted about it.
I want to know is there any other way to send the confirmation fee of 2500 CAD that the credit card or DD payment?
hey chaman
i got my hard copy by the end of 3rd week from the day I got their admit mail.
in case u dont receive it in time .. ask them to send it through courier... they ll DHL it for you and you would get it in 4-5 days.
normally international regular mail takes 3 weeks, as it comes th...
Got an admit from Schulich last night.
@Folks who already know their scholarship amount- When and how were you notified about the scholarship information?
Hey can you tell in how many days did you receive the hard copies? I got an admit 15 days ago and i am still waiting for it.
Hello Shweta
Here's the correct link to the spreadsheet
Pls check.
I'm not able to access the spreadsheet.
Can you please let me know how to access the same.
Hey guys,
I'm a local in the Toronto area and did my undergraduate at Schulich, finished not too long ago, so I am obviously well aware of the current state of the program. I know many of you have made decisions already for the program, but for those who are on the fence, you can ask question...