Richard Ivey 2012 Applicants GMAT Accepting B-Schools

Calling all applicants for MBA program at Richard Ivey School of Business starting in April 2012.
I have applied for the early deadline and have telephonic interview next week.
Anyone else who also applied for the early deadline?
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Hey don't worry, Its always this feeling when u give an interview, you always feel you could have done better. So hope for the best
Hey thanks for the help, I had my interview only last week, so i think I will give the adcom some more time :P, though don't think will be able to wait till the deadline as I have other offers to confirm as well. But Ivey being the top priority I really want it to work it out. Lets hope for the b...
Almost 50% of the batch gets schols....but the amts vary frm 5k to a full wavier.....majority get arnd 5 to 10k, few get 20k and prob 1 or 2 get the full waiver.....
The avg wld be arnd 10k I guess......but don't quote me on this......
well it depends on ur schol app.....if its good then u ...
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Oops sorry for the typo :splat:, no more specific questions for now...lol lemme get an admit first am sure there wud be loads after tht :P, between how much time did it take btw the interview and the result? was it on the deadline specified or b4 tht ?
Overlord, please who gets the entry scholarship and what is the average amount awarded?
Thank you.
my interview did not go well. I shd have prepared better.
Hey rocky...well the exp so far has been gr8.....The program is quite different from the usual MBA program ....as you know its completely case based.....the profs are amazing and the Career Management team works really hard to train us to be networking savvy, reviewin the resume etc.....
The c...
Cool...hw was it ?
Hey Overload, had been following your posts closely in the previous years Ivey thread. So how has the experience been so far? How does the class look like?
Hey Guyz,
I am currently a student at Ivey. If you guyz have any qs regarding the admission process or the life at Ivey etc fire away.
Also please realise that the course has just started for me and the first module is pretty hectic. I will try to answer your questions asap but asap could a...
I just completed my interview with Ivey. Now the long wait
Hello All,
A prospective IVEY MBA student from Lagos Nigeria.
I submitted my application for the early decision, although i still have some outstandings but it will be submitted before Mid June. i have done a lot of research abou IVEY and for me it is my dream school....
does anybody ha...
The interview went OK....not too great, I think I could have placed myself better :), about results, the deadline is 30th June, so it would be sometime before it. Looong wait......
seems like u had a great interview... no surprises...all the usual questions..... when will they declare the results?
All right guys, will keep this post short and to the point...
My Profile:
Work Exp: 5 yrs (in July) IT
Acads: good
EC: good
It was with Ms Karen from Adcom, lasted it about 35 min.
Started with normal introduction round and a few questions based on wha...
I am also applying for Ivey 2012 program.I will be applying for R1 deadline Aug 2.
Here my profile:
Work EX(in apr): 44 months
Pre MBA work ex:IT;2.6 yrs in Product development and 1.2 yrs as Quality Analyst.
GMAT:670 (Retaking GMAT in Aug)
Academic- 73% engg 84% High School ...
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torocky..congrats on the interview call...can u share your profile?
am guessing they send interview invitations two weeks after you submit the application...
Hi ,
I want to move away from europe. BTW is it possible that i can call you and learn more about your interview experience?
Can you pm me your skype id or phone number or gtalk id?
its pretty complex. Cost is an issue for me. I had applied to various schools for fall 2011 session. I have few admits in US and schulich in canada. one year Ivey MBA is a good option when I look at cost vs benefit. Getting work permit in canada is also easier. Rotman does not give scholarships s...