Reviews on GMAT Testing Center, Delhi, India GMAT Accepting B-Schools


I was booking my slot for GMAT in New Delhi. I saw 2 Centers -

1. Positive Solutions - NEW (Near Pahar Ganj)
2. Pearson Professional Centers-New Delhi, - Old - (Near NIFT)

I know the details about the old one. I just want to know the reviews of test takers about the new 'Positive Solutions' Center, things such as - Noise, Screens, Comps, etc.

It will be a great help. Thanks.

@Mods - I cudn't find any thread relevant for this post. So I have made a new thread. If its not in right place, you may post it there or gimmi the link. But its kinda urgent.
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    Hello All,
    can anyone please let me know that positive solution NEW gmat test center is not in official list of gmat centers ..plz comment ....
    is it there or not?
    Also, Positive is at a walking distance from my home and Peason 1 hour drive. I would suggest you guys to book the center where you can reach easily. I surely donot want to get fatigued before imp exam.
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    I was asked on PM to explain which center is better and why. So here is my explanation.
    1. At positive solutions, the testing room houses only 3 students at a time (out of which 1 was empty at my time), whereas in pearson, there are 6-7 students. Now imagine all these 6-7 persons banging keybo...
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    Hi All,
    I have used Positive Solutions test center. It is a pathetic center.
    Firstly, the washrooms are the dirtiest nightmare one can go through. they dont have toilet paper (Girls..sigh :() AND there is no water to flush!
    Secondly, the water dispenser is dirty and they do not even hav...
    Hi, I have taken the exam there. Its in Kohat enclave (near pitampura, near madhuban chowk). Look into the contact link for proper address.
    The center is good. Infact, I found it better than pearson in many ways.
    Best of luck for ur exam.
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    I also saw two centers in New Delhi and couldn't find the address for the Positive Solutions.
    If anyone has taken test there then plz give a review.
    Plz help its urgent.