Prospects after MBA with long work experience GMAT Accepting B-Schools

I am posting this to find out what are the prospects for someone who is looking to do a full-time MBA after 10 years of work experience. Note that I am only looking for programs like the PGP-X offered by IIMs, GMP by XLRI and the ISB MBA.
My profile: Total work experience of 10+ years...
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Hi all,
Currently i am doing MBA(first year) and i have planned to do my majors in FINANCE. In my graduation i have done engineering after that i have 2+ years work experience.
Can anyone tell me about the perspective career in PSU after doing MBA in Finance, like in which companies i can apply for and what is required knowledge i need to have??
I would be highly grateful and thankful.
Thanks in advance
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    I am a software professional with 5+ years of work experience..I am reaching a stagnation point in my current role as developer...I want to switch my role but not my domain. I want to continue in the IT industry but as a business analyst...I am thinking of going for MBA. Given my situation should...
    MICA Memoirs touches upon the dilemma of a Long-distance MBA:
    Long distance vs. Full Time?
    what MICA Memoirs says:
    You can search for the full time MBA programs to get master degree in the interested branch. Its all necessary details are available to know.
    I am Sanjai and i have 4.5 yrs of technical exp in an Fortune 500 IT company. i have an MS as well. Coding is kind of my hobby since childhood. when it paid me living; life is awesome.
    But, i need MBA to acquire a more responsible , leadership oriented and devoted posting in a better company....
    For Energy and Infrastructure (Oil and Gas domain) EMBA courses; School of Petroleum Management (SPM) offers 15-months full-time residential programme at its Gandhinagar campus under Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University (PDPU) (Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University) set up by GSPC (GSPC Group ::...
    I has recently completed my b.b.a, and know i want to go for mba.
    My question is that i have a family business and i want to join that, can i show this work experience in good mba colleges?????
    Hi Raj! Have you started your MBA programme? Which institute? What prospects you find now. I have around 17 years of experience and working at a senior level and considering pursuing Executive MBA from INSEAD/NUS/ISB for career progression. Your advice will be valuable.
    Hey, have you considered the Sloan Master's offered by London Business School? It is a 1 year general management programme for Senior Management professionals.
    Though it is not an "MBA", I believe it would be a good fit for somebody with your level of experience.
    LBS Sloan Masters: Sloan Fe...
    In the US at least, many of the regular 2 year MBA program target people with 2-7 years experience (on average).
    However, for some one like you who has 16 yrs experience, the most popular option in the US is the Excutive MBA program. This will ensure you that your peers will also have 10+ year...
    Interesting questions. I am sure you must be getting inputs fom other sources as well. Do post your findings. Even I am thinking of doing a foriegn MBA or a Phd in management 8-9 years down the line.
    I am an engineer with 16 yrs of work ex & work in a major Telco . I have also done my Ex MBA. I has taken me a long time to save money for my US MBA degree.
    I want to persue my MBA in Europe / US. Broadly I would like to move to consulting role in my industry after my MBA.
    I plan to...
    thanks for the links, especially the first and the third one. Some useful material in there for thought.
    I can't add much insights about PGPX. However the following info is worth reading (in rarest case you have not read it yet).
    Businessworld : Number one Indian business portal with incisive analysis and surveys - PGPX Placements 2007
    Now, IIM-A grad becomes a crorepati !- Education-Services...
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    I understand you concerns. And the 'pragmatic middle-class approach' you talk about can actually be a virtue rather than a vice, for someone taking a risk of leaving a well paying career and seeking out better opportinities.
    The fact that you've decided to do so after so many years of experien...
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    Thanks for your comments. I was hoping for more thoughts/comments from the junta in these forums.
    Main reason for not applying to non-Indian programs is that very few of them are really recognised in India (or so I have been told except perhaps programs like those of HBS/W...
    For your profile (age, experience etc), the schools that you have targetted do appear to be good choices within India. However, here the concept of experienced hires is still new and most of the MBA recruitment is geared towards the regular 2-year programs targetting a younger age group of candid...
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