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Hie guys,
We are starting this thread to cater to any generic queries related to B-schools abroad. You will also have veterans answer to your queries out here on the thread.
Also, merging all relevant threads with this one.
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Hi Guys,
I am applying to US Colleges and I am confused regarding the transcripts that are asked. Do we have to get original transcripts for each college separately or we can get the xerox copies attested and apply.
Please let me know this asap.
Thanks for all your help!
Reddy sir,
Both the aspects you've mentioned about - market research and publications - could give the impression that you are a solitary reaper working in isolation.
Try to break that belief in your application and show how your work has given you exposure to teams, clients and business.
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Took my GMAT a few days back and could just manage a 660 (Q 40 V 41). I have over 5 years of experience in market research in the healthcare space.
Besides, lots of trade magazine publications and other stuffs to my credit. Undergrad GPA - 3.1/4
Am I a good enough candidate to get ...
Rohit, I think you are thinking too much. Relax for now, and just do good work....what the admissions team will evaluate you for when you apply is your progress in career, and teh quality of work you have done. So concentrate on that for now, and get involved with some community work/ pursue a ho...
plz answer my query....
M2012, Your content in every essay would matter on the question being asked and your own stories that fit in as answers to every question.
So there is no universal content being tested here. However, there are certain qualities that b-schools generally look for in applicants. These are: leader...
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Dear Sir/Mam
Hope you are doing well. Really appreciate what you are doing on this forum.
I am applying to Ivey (Canada) Full Time MBA for the 2012 admit.
Below are the three essays Ivey is looking for:
1. How will the Ivey MBA Program help you to achieve your short-term goals?
2. ...
Hi guys,
Rohit here,
XII-64% :(
BE(MIT,Manipal) : CGPA 8.48 (Amongst top 10 in class)
Xtra curricular:Average
I'm a fresher and have just joined Reliance Industries at a pretty decent package.I'm looking to work here for 2 years and then make a career shift to financ...
Hello Seniors,
I have an offer from University of Nottingham,Malaysia campus for MBA.Just wanted to know the repute of this university and that too in malaysia??
M a commerce graduate,average in academics..work experience of 4 years with IT company into service delivery.Have a limited budge...
Hitesh, There's no harm in improving the GMAT score if you think it can go up more than marginally. ON a different note, consulting firms and all recruiters for that matter use the current performance in b-schol as the primary qualification criteria. GMAT ascore and undergrad CGPA are also typica...
any one applying for the concordia mba 2012?
what are good b-schools taking through gmat for freshers??
Hi MBAhelp,
Thanks for replying. I asked this question because I am not looking(rather I will not get into) for top 20 school(coz of IIM, low score and average profile). So if I may end up in schools like Olin, Marshall, Mcdonough...and spend two years giving 200% on the performance and then n...
Hitesh, At this stage, what can really bother you is whether 670 is low for getting admitted to b-school ( I am not commenting on it is low/ it is not!). Put in your efforts in getting in now - you have more than a year to prove yourself once in b-school before you start interviewing. At that sta...
I have one query...Do the consultancy companies look at GMAT score while recruiting an MBA student and is that true that getting a job in consultancy firm(like Bain&Company;, booz allen hamilton, Mckinsey, AT Kearney) prospects are low if one has GMAT on the lower side..like mine 670 (Q50,...
My Profile is as follows-
GMAT -710(Q50 V36)
B.Tech (Indian Institute of Technology, Computer Science)-7.53/10
Passed the Chartered Accountancy Level 1 in July 2007
Decent performance in various entrance exams(99.58 %ile CAT 2010)
Work Experience-...
Vivekvarendra, though your GMAT score would not be your selling point (actually it would not be a selling point even at 750), its enough to keep you in the competition at any of these b-schools. If you are apping this year, planning now to retake it would be late in any case.
Having said that,...
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Your selection of b-schools would depend on many factors:
1. Which country / continent do you want to to the MBA from (UK?)
2. Your career goals and where the MBA fits in with them - your expectaitions from the coursework, from the b-school, your fit with the b-school etc.
My Profile is as follows-
GMAT -700(Q50 V34)
B.Tech (Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi)-6.72/10
Passed the December 2008 CFA Level 1 and June 2009 CFA Level 2 Exams.
Decent performance in various entrance exams(99.70 %ile CAT 2007, AIR 178 IITJEE...
My profile :
GMAT : 620
Engineering : 8.0 on 10
10th : 78%
12th : 67%
Work EX : 26 months with Infosys and 7 months into family owned pvt ltd company.
Targeting next year's class in top B-Schools.
This year got into HULT international business school - SF but Visa go...