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Hie guys,
We are starting this thread to cater to any generic queries related to B-schools abroad. You will also have veterans answer to your queries out here on the thread.
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AFAIK, it is not compulsory to waive off the rights
Hi All,
I am confused about waiving the right to access the recommendation that my evaluators write for me. I understand that it should be a compulsory thing to do, as no university would want the applicant to read the recommendation, but.... what baffles me is this statement on the reco form...
some univs like CMU explicity states that but if u mail them and ask, then they dont insist on it. it is needed once you are admitted to the school. better still, mail the school and ask it
yes, atleast the transcript and the reco if you dont choose the online reco provision given by some scho...
Hi All,
I am in process of applying to US schools for MBA. I am confused regarding the process of sending the financial status document and other stuff by mail. My doubts are:
1. Do I need to send the financial status documents before the deadline (I read on one site it is not so but it is ...
Can someone tell me what the procedure is to obtain transcripts?
Some of the insti websites specify that they will not allow photo copies of marks sheets.
I most likely to target Supply Chain Management
then take up any school..google is your best friend in such a scenario
MNC is what all of us want (unless we join non-profits) and entrepreneur is what many of us want to be long term. What function are you specifically targeting after an MBA? What industry / companies are you targeting? MNC is what it is, but where specifically do you want to work? Be specific else...
I most likely to join some MNC after MBA or perhaps look forward to be an entrepreneur.
I most likely to join some MNC after MBA or perhaps look forward to be an entrepreneur.
what about your post MBA goals? univ shortlisting depends on that a lot !
My profile is : 24/male/IT Professional
GMAT - 660
Work Experience - 2.5 years
Co-curricular activities - yeah participated in many competitions in school and College life
International Exposure - Null
Career progession - Smooth
Also, Scored highest GPA in my undergrad...
This is for all you guys who are applying to TUCK.
According to the fin aid section on the website :
"If you are an international student, please note that all amounts on tax returns, pay stubs, and financial statements must be converted to U.S. dollars and the corresponding lines related ...
Yes, they care only about your college education
hey PGs
I ve a strange problem with the TUCK application for Fin Aid. They are asking for a recent pay stub + IT form with figures in US$. Now that is something difficult to do because I dont want the HR to doubt my future plans.
And more importantly I am away from my parent subsidiary so i...
hi! i am an engineer with 1.5 year service industry experience.
can i go for a MBA in Uk. what will be the cost for MBA in UK.
what is the procedure for that. pls help me.
thanks ankush.
sorry for taking up space and posting stuff that has already been posted.
Hi Ankush,
Are you from infy hyderabad?
This question has been answered several times in this forum. Please see the previous posts for this.
Tuck ( in US top 15) clearly mentions they do not take people with prior MBA's.
Wharton has many students wh are doing second MBA's just look on their site.
I think senapati has...
Hey all,
I'd read somewhr on this forum that many US schools do NOT accept applicants with a prior MBA. How true is that?
I've done my MBA from Symbiosis, Pune and am keen on doing a 2nd MBA from one of the top univs in the US.
My query is whether schools like Wharton, Kellogg, Stanford...