PGPX vs Cambridge vs INSEAD EMBA GMAT Accepting B-Schools

I have an following offers
2) Cambridge - Judge Business School
3) INSEAD GEMBA (Global Executive MBA)
I have 10+ years of IT experience. I invite you to please share your perspective on following parameters for above mentioned schools
1) Placement (I think IIMA...
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Insead don't even have a second thought.. its costly but its once in life time opportunity.. If I were you I would go for INSEAD
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    Congrats! Do let's know what the rest of your profile is like? How are you approaching the financing part?
    I think it is important for you to define your objectives. What is it that you wish to accomplish by doing MBA?
    Do you want to make a career switch in terms of industry and funciton?
    Do you want to make a switch in terms of geography?
    PGPX will surely help in India in terms of a function...
    If you can afford it, I think you should take INSEAD. INSEAD provides you alumni network like Harvard does. It is not just the numbers, but the quality of these people can be seen on Linkedin.
    BTW, congrats.