Oxford Said & Cambridge Judge MBA 2012 applicants & admits GMAT Accepting B-Schools

I am starting this thread for the prospective students and applicants for the above two school.
I am planning to apply in the R1 for both the school, the deadline for submitting application is -
Cambridge - 23rd Sep,'11
Oxford - 14th Oct,'11
Already students or alumni's advise an...
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B I U Post
Euro-zone is entering its second recession in 3 years. ET news article paints a very gloomy picture. Puys do take an informed decision w.r.t pursuing a MBA from the UK in the current scenario.
Euro zone economy to shrink in 2012, EU stagnates - The Economic Times
Hi Guys,
Can any of the admits to Judge Business School share information regarding the loan. The website of JBS says that we can get 28k + 5k of loan. However, the terms and conditions are not disclosed. Is this loan available for Indian applicants and does it require any co-signor.
For m...
Close to 9 years exp; IT MNC ; business development/management; Now in US; good international experience; Engineering non-iit; average GPA; 710 GMAT : that is me in a nutshell
@addiegloriam thanks for the post
Clarifications since I wrote the post very late at night there are bound to be errors...
As you said, brand is important and only the best matters. Holds true for both India and the UK. If you graduate from Oxbridge then you do have a brand, if you do from ...
Hi, A very interesting post but it leaves me a bit confused ....... you start with the cons of studying in the UK (unless it's LBS), although you do emphasis on the quality of the education but then you move on to criticizing the employment scene in India and end with the update th...
Interesting comments throughout the thread. Well I guess I have much to contribute to help all those thinking of doing an MBA from the UK.
Firstly, no jobs. PSW (post study work visa) or not (which again is getting stopped from this year) jobs are very scarce and the current government is und...
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Thanks a ton buddy.. I'm sure it'll help
U might want to try out gmatclub for such inputs/details on international schools...
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Thanks for your prompt reply buddy ! It'll help !
Can I overstay the welcome a bit?
I mean can you also tell me where to find experiences or questions to prepare for forthcoming Sad interview OR even any general tips or guidelines will help? Unlike ISB thread, this thread has hardly any e...
Could you share your profile
My 2 cents:
USPs of any International General Management (MBA) Class on which i would evaluate an MBA (General management) program:
- Number of nationalities represented in the class, should have more than 50% international candidates
- Average number of work experience of the class (...
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Hi dear,
While I appreciate your candid and deliberate perspective, I request you to elaborate on your 3rd point. I am somewhat concerned as my workex is higher than the average workex of most schools.
Same here, have an interview in few days. Would appreciate if people from R1 could shed some more light on the interview questions.
Can someone put some light on the cost of the oxford MBA program?
Also, is it easy to get some scholarship at oxford... may be a need-based one?
Dinged by Oxford...I thought I had put in a good application. I really loved the college and was hoping to become part of it.
Need to sit and review what went wrong. It's sad that they don't encourage applicants asking for a reason for rejection.
Best of luck to everybody!
i have an interview invite for Said. Can anyone let me know or help regarding interview experiences of fellow puys? Thanks !
You are right Couldn't agree more with your opinion..
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SAID guys asked me the same....I just got my Engg School mention tht medium of education and instructions were throughout English
Liked the line of thought, so felt like adding my 2 cents
Source: Basis the research I did on MBA options during last 5yrs
1. MBA is long term investment. So evaluating short term ROI post MBA is not fair. Also, from whichever school you pass-out (including HBS), the first job you land up ...
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Got interview call from Oxford...yipeeeee