Oxford Said & Cambridge Judge MBA 2012 applicants & admits GMAT Accepting B-Schools

I am starting this thread for the prospective students and applicants for the above two school.
I am planning to apply in the R1 for both the school, the deadline for submitting application is -
Cambridge - 23rd Sep,'11
Oxford - 14th Oct,'11
Already students or alumni's advise an...
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I want to apply to Cambridge (2014-15) but can do so by the third round. Would like to know if it makes any difference in the chances of making it to the college and getting a scholarship?


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    Anyone from Bangalore/London who has received an admit from SAID for the 2013 programme?
    Confused!!! B.Com grad/ 6 yrs work ex in Mktg Got offers from NewCastle, Leeds, Ashtopm, Bath, Liverpool, Henley Business Sc, Sheffield Hallam univ, Univ of Lancashire, Cardiff, Liescter, Nottingham, Liverpool, London School of Biz & Financ. Pls suggest which one is good for a FT MBA as far as...
    Now that many of the guys who were debating here last year will be graduating now. Can some of the current student share their placement experience?
    Absolutely no second thought about the gloomy economic outlook but let's understand bad means how bad? How is the mood?
    For fairness purpose, ...
    Plz guide me on my chances of getting in SBS. Profile is as follows:
    Work ex - 6.5 years (5.5 years post MBA)Education - Commerce Graduate, MBA, PGDM&SM;, FIIIGMAT - 660
    Kindly guide.Thanks & Regards,Anshul
    Highly appreciate your matured analysis
    Hey guys,
    I am currently waiting to start my MBA at Cambridge Judge in September.
    Anyways I just wanted to know if there is any one here from Bangalore with an admit to Oxford? The Oxbridge Bangalore community is hosting a get together this Saturday ( 11th August 2012 ). If there is anyone...
    Go to the Border Agency website and I think a Prospective Student Visa Category is mentioned.
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    Hey any idea which type of visa i should apply for .
    I have a face to face intv at Said. I would be travelling from India.
    FYI for fellow puys must read
    UK discontinues post-study visa - Hindustan Times
    I was waitlisted for MFE in Round 2.. Any idea what are the chances of converting..??
    You have given quite a frank opinion.
    I am going for the full time mba at warwick this year. I was quite shocked reading your post about mba in UK. I am an engineer and currently working in my family business. I have heard quite a lot about mba from 'good' universities in the UK ( LBS...
    I got an offer from SBS..YAHOOO
    I think they are sending the results now. I just go the offer email an hour back.
    At what time will the results be out today..
    Wishing everyone (r2 applicants) all the very best for the result
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    The R2 results will be out tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
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    I am an MFE aspirant to Oxford and also have got an interview call for Round 2. Any other MFE applicants here preparing fr interview?
    Hi Puys and Mr. Conrad,
    Does anyone know details about JBS loan program. Is the loan program available through JBS available for without a co-signor, just like SBS has a tie up for a loan program without a co-signor.
    I think its an important consideration, knowing that schols maybe tough t...
    pazuzuinxs - Your achievements in your educational career have been great. But to me, that does not guarantee a great post mba job. Job profile is directly related to your previous experience at work. Any degree has diminishing returns.:|
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    hmmm The European situation is alarming but it is for everyone from Oxbridge to LBS to INSEAD and although INSEAD and LBS are quite high in the rankings but they have a lot more candidates than Oxbridge .... so the situation is going to be gloomy ...... Let's just hope things don't get worse as t...
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