Official 2005- Admits to UK univs for MBA,Msc mgmt,finance.. GMAT Accepting B-Schools

Hi there guys and gals,
searched quite a bit but could not find any thread which had the list of ppl going to UK this sept for their MBA or Msc in any particular field of mgmt, hence this new thread.
In this thread ppl pls post which univ ur going to and what course u hav got a Unconditonal...
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guys someone reply too my questions ..............
Anyone here applying of University of Reading for sept 2006? I am still in the initial phase of application process...has anyone here got info on the ISMA corse offered?
In the Oxford:Said's website it is mentioned that we need to mention the name of the college.I am little confused about this..can some one enlighten what we need to do about this and which school are we expected to select for getting admission...
thanks in advance
what do u need to get into cardiff university..............i am doing my SYBMS ...just gave the sem-3.........
what are the requirements for the admission in Cardiff Business School. like what is the total fees , how much marks do u require for gettin in admission for MBA in cardiff school....any job assures after the course.
hey guys......
no post from a long time.........hope u guys rockin uk
pls post ur experiences
hello guys,, wats hapenin,
no posting since long time,,, got home internet connection 5 days ago only..
and wat abt all of u guys,, hi,, i am counting those who had reached in uk ,, the countdown begins with each of us telling the number followed by name and university.
1. pankaj...
post messages...
where r u vinod gaurav.
pdf file
Hello Samra and fellow threadbearers,
I am amidst some application teething problems. I want to apply to Oxfrd-SBS but was intimidated.. I have about 2.5 years of work ex in Infy but owing to the vagaries/nature of work I shall not be able to get exceptional recommendations... I have a very go...
important news
contact amit in delhi before leaving for cardiff
amit 09434055624
find about new news.
tamil movies ???
then probably Vinod would hv 2 translate dem 4 all of us.
or make sure dat dey hv English sub-titles.
n Deepak, u wont need 2 c dvd's 4 having fun.
u'll get plenty of live stuff over dere.
C u guys in nother 40 hrs time.
sure thing mate am carrying as much as 8 movies + 7 tamil movies which are quite funny anyways..and my song folder has as much as 15-20 gb of songs which i think shud be enuf...
1 more day to go...wow this is soo unreal to me....
please carry some good movies so we can have fun
i am carrying 7 movies and 10 songs dvd all containing hindi pop videos
some are reallly hot
hey u guys, my luggage is coming to arnd 50 kgs, so i think am safe..but cant imaging carrying all that weight arnd...but yeah i think myself and gaurav can haul our luggages and set it up...
and deepak did i hear u didnt drink..aww come on man..dont spoil the fun...
so drop by at our place...
80 kgs man, r u seriously serious dis time.
nyways u could've gone 4 British Airways or Virgin Atlantic which offers ard. 55 kgs baggaged allowance 4 students.
thank God, u don't need 2 pack urself, otherwise u would've ended paying another 35000.
See this
I got 80 kgs baggage and now what i do
20 kgs parcel sal mail 25 days = rs. 3500
30 kgs baggage air ticket rs. 29000
15 kgs hand luggage free
10 kgs given to a businessmen who would take it to his place in london, i got to pick it from his house, so s...
hello all,
well it seems that this time the localites wont get admission in cardiff as majority of indian students r going for it....
it looks like cardiff university is really dominating at the moment....
anyways guys can anyone tell me wats the eligibility ...
i promise my room and your room will have 8 people.
hey man u online..yahoo me at..clairvoyance_2003@yahoo.com
d kitchen shd. b big 4 8-guys.
most of T.South flats shd. b hving 6-rooms.
n it shd. only b d latest build flats numbered above 25 dat may hv 8-rooms.
but as per d feedback i dont thk all 6/8 would b having dinner 2gether.
as every1 likes 2 follow der preffered schedule, n few of dem...