Official 2005- Admits to UK univs for MBA,Msc mgmt,finance.. GMAT Accepting B-Schools

Hi there guys and gals,
searched quite a bit but could not find any thread which had the list of ppl going to UK this sept for their MBA or Msc in any particular field of mgmt, hence this new thread.
In this thread ppl pls post which univ ur going to and what course u hav got a Unconditonal...
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hi guys...
this is wid regards to "london school of business and finance" . i wud really appreciate if sum one cud help me wid this...
they are offering this programme of MBA+ACCA...
can anyone juss tell abt its credibility or authenticity...it wud be of reall big help..
guys tis is r...
Hee that was good Samra, actually i myself thought u were a male so used a neutral tone in my posts, but we gotta correct that now? what say:)
Btw when are u planning to apply for your visa, i am gonna apply some time in july,
An important note to ppl going to uk try and BLOCK ur FLIGHT t...
Hey Pankaj!
Despite the fact that SBS Oxford is not a very old school (started in 1996), it has done good in placements so far. Many of the placements are done thru recruitment fairs and companies visting. The site lists down the major recruiters for MBA grads of SBS - IT and Consulting firms ...
hi guys..
i dunno which thread to put in.. tats y puttin it here..
does anyone have any idea abt london school of business and finance...
and also of its new programme of MBA+ACCA...
if yes.. then plzzz reply...
thanks in advance..
hi samra
thanks 4 replying n givin me that helpful site
already gone through it which seeks of
eligibility- graduation without any work ex
fees - 26000pounds
ielts- 7.0
but i want to know after the course contents, teaching methods, dessertation, training and placements.
Hi Pankaj,
The best information that can be accessed will be from the school's website ->
I would recommend you to go through the site and if you have any questions (which I can answer ;-)) I would be glad to help.
All the best!
hi,, samra,,
cong for ur add in sbs,,,,
can u plz tell me abt the details of the course, fees, placements, etc
Hi there all of u going to uk
. This is Mehul and i am going to UK this sept 2005.
. I have Unconditional offers from ASTON UNIVERSITY[ MSC. Finance and Investments] , STRATHCLYDE university [ MSC. Business and Management] ,Glasgow [ Msc , Management ]. Cardiff [ MBA Finance ]
. can Any ...
nope...me from Kolkata:-)
i am trying for a loan, but blv me..real tuf time arranging for one :-(
Hi devroop,
Firstly congrats man for your entry into cranfield, its a great univ ,
on the funding part pls see my previous post,
btw u from noida too,lemme know..
This is Devroop and nice to see all of you there.
I have an unconditional offer from Cranfield School of Management. Waiting to hear on the loan front and will go ahead once I get the final nod from the bank.
btw, how are you guys financing your study?
Well on taking a loan, YES and No,
NO bcas my dad has decided he will fund my studies,
YES bcas i told my dad i will repay it to him in kind by buying him a MERC,
So u applying for a loan? Also hav u started to read any eco stuff...just wanted to know.
Hey Vinod!
I am currently working with CSC at Noida. Its going to be 3 years with the organisation before I join Oxford SBS. Did B.E. in Electronics.
Are you taking any loan from UK?
cheers! :)
Hi kirti,
I think i hav written to u before, pls go to the RAE 2001 site for the ratings on these institutes based on the quality of research work they carry out,(and pls believe me these ratings are very very credible.!!!!)
And according to me Cardiff is the best offer u hav yet.
Also w...
hi frens...
hi i am kirti khetan from mumbai. i have compleetd my B.M.S course this april n awaiting for my results. my trck rec has been good throughout my acads with avg above 75%. the only drawback is that i dnt have any full time work exp but i did summers n even worked wid dad while study...
Hi samra,
Congrats yaar, great going , Well can u tell me how yrs of work Ex do u have, bcas i too wanted to try for oxford but didnt hav any work ex hence could not apply, also r u working somewhere right now? if not, if ur in mumbai lets meet up i hav a friend who also has got into cardiff, ...
Congrats on your admit! UK same pinch first of all and then NEWS follows ->
me got 'unconditional' admit to Oxford SBS - real excited to be going there
keep smiling
Thnks catalytic for ur warm wishes,
An uncontional offer means that the student has completed all requirements for entry into the course and has no more requirements to be met like a IELTS score card, final year marksheet,etc, thats where a conditional offer comes where the student is consider...
1) Congrats on ur admit
2) What is an unconditional offer. sorry for my ignorance :huh: have heard this for the first time
3) Do post ur profile on http://www.pagalguy.com/cat/showthread.php?p=190756#post190756 this thread has profiles of all the foreign admits.
4) Networking PG mig...