Official 2005- Admits to UK univs for MBA,Msc mgmt,finance.. GMAT Accepting B-Schools

Hi there guys and gals,
searched quite a bit but could not find any thread which had the list of ppl going to UK this sept for their MBA or Msc in any particular field of mgmt, hence this new thread.
In this thread ppl pls post which univ ur going to and what course u hav got a Unconditonal...
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i am planning to apply for Msc from manchester.
i have gone through their website about the min. requirements.
i have a cgpa of 9 and i will be giving my IELTS soon.
realistically what cgpa & IELTS score is needed for MBS?are there any additonal requirements?
also are the chopras the best people to contact for the admission procedure in delhi?
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    Buddy don't quote your e-mail ID or phone no in threads. Its against PG rules.
    Regarding your query I'll not be able to answer, but I think you have posted in wrong thread. This one's very old. Check out the date on which post before yours was made - 2006!!! and other posts before that - 2005!...
    HI,, this is shahbaz khan from mysore. i have completed my bachelor degree that is BBM with a percentage of 70. i have got more than 60 % in my English in 10th and 12th. i dont have any work experience.
    i want to do Msc in Finance from UK (sept 2010). please let me know the folowing queries:
    Hi All,
    I have about 5 years of work exp 2 years teaching (university level) + 3years of IT experience with an Indian IT major...
    I have got confirmed admission in 2 british business schools.
    1> Lancaster
    2> Strathclyde
    Could some one advice on which of these schools is better and ...
    Thanks Amit !!
    If any of u guys are aware of a good site which has info on UK admission and stuff then please provide me with the same....also wanted to know if theres any place in Mumbai which provides info on colleges in UK offering MBA then let me know abt it....
    Again thanks in advance
    hey guys.
    ofwhat i know about the uk (might be wrong but still) is that finding a job after graduating aint a walk in the park. especially after graduating from a b grade school.
    my advice formba applicants:
    try utilising some scheme.
    1. try for scotland (2yr work permit after any po...
    Hi Neo,
    1) Well there is still ample time for 2006. Only thing is that it would be difficult for you to get any scholarships as you would be aplying in the later rounds.
    2)As for the 1 year course you should keep the average expense at around 35000 pounds.
    3) With 2 years it would be a ...
    Hello every1,
    Have some queries....
    1. I am looking for a 1 yr MBA course....As of now have not given GMAT...Wanted to know if i can still apply for 2006??...
    2. Also want to know the avg expense that 1 has to bear for a 1yr course among the top 10-15 UK coll without any aid...
    3. I h...
    Hi Samarth
    Your school list does not contain many top ranked schools yaar....
    Oxford, Cambridge, Cranfield....
    Do look out for these schools as well.
    In case you dont mind doing a one year MBA prog from Spain.. check out www.ie.edu
    IE is in the UK govts list of 50 schools that ge...
    Hi John,
    Thnx for the input.
    I had opted for templeton and st Johns.
    In terms of sporting activities which one would be a better choice.. i have started to look at colleges in detail now.. but ur inputs wud be more reliable than my research. ( the fact that i choose templeton)
    I saw some one ask about the college.... well for post grad studies the college dosen't play much role other than providing you with accommodation...and college accomm in oxford the cheapest....... and they provide you with a daily social life wiht each college having own pubs, tv room etc... so ...
    Does anybody have any information about the University of Wales, MBA program?
    Is it residential/ as in with teacers or is it online?
    What are the entry requirements? Is GMAT required?
    What is this business of program online facilitators? Are they like professors or what, me not understa...
    thans man for so many praise.. but i am only helping bcoz i was also lie u 1 yr before,
    and for u doing ma or msc from a grade school ,,, its excellent if u can afford these,, but its really going to hard if u do jo side by side,,
    and for placement ... its not guarentee,, that...
    He Pankaj,
    thanks for guiding me yar...
    Good to hear that someone is guiding us , by his own exp,...ALL the best buddy, u will definately get a GUd offer in UK...
    He man, tell me one more thing,,,u have seen my profile ,,am i eligible for MA or MSA courses in Grade A colleges,,,,
    Hello guys,,,
    I am Pankaj here,,, doing my MA int biz from leeds met uni, leeds 2005 -06..
    those of you comming over here 2 uk,,, for study must first confirm that they are comming for study only and go 4 good uni,,, like LSE, oxford, cambridge or manchester...as you can get easy place...
    Hi ,
    I am a software professional from india.
    i am looking for an admission in your college in fall season.
    But after seeing your site i have some doubts.
    pls help me out:
    1: i have got a 14 months exp in an MNC as s/w professional till date.
    MY graduation(engeneering) percentag...
    Hi there
    I m intereseted to do MBA from a good uni form uk.
    I am very confused to final it as some the uni which r good but charge a lot.
    I m lookin for a good with average fees.
    Pls guide me.
    But admin it is mentioned in the website that we need to register for colleges at the same time,which enables to get accomadation easier...can u suggest which college is better for people who are from middle class from india..am sure u got my point...
    Any one from SDA Bocconi or IESE..
    Said Oxford has the collegiate system wherein you apply to the bschool but have the option of residing in the college of your choice with Oxford. Go thru their website to find out more info on the same. Based on my experience, you can leave it blank for now and call confirm your selection after y...