NUS MBA 2012 Intake GMAT Accepting B-Schools

The application dates for 2012 Intake are out! From their website, The NUS MBA - Home Page.
The application for August 2012 Intake will commence on 01 October 2011.
MBA Full Time: 01 Oct 11 - 31 Mar 12
MBA Part Time: 01 Oct 11 - 15 May 12
Double Degrees MBAs
NUS - HEC Paris: 01 O...
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many congratulations...
How much time before the actual interview date NUS notifies or contacts you about it?
I found out from former NUS MBA chaps and the impression they give is that chances for getting scholarship for Indians is not great as the demand is high even for admissions.
I understand that the Texas A&M; U is a great universities ( atleast for engineering and hence may be a good bus...
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When did you apply to NUS? I am also from EVS (IPR), preparing for my application for round 2.
hey crackgmat_nats, congrats on the admit! which particular scholarship are you waiting on?
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It will be great if someone can shed some light on the scholarships that NUS offers as in what % of students get scholarships and what is the average amount, etc.? Thanks!
Yes ssundar you are right. I have received a good scholarship from TAMU too while NUS refuses to divulge anything about the scholarship till i pay the quite steep acceptance fee. so kind of in a fix right now...
Hey congratulations.:clap:
Where you going to join? i think you also made texas A&M; right?
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Has anyone who had applied in the last week of Jan got an interview call???
haha! Thanks karanrulz4ever!
Great news. Congratulations.
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Hey! I think have mentioned it earlier somewhere in the thread but anyway its:
GMAT - 670
Work Ex - 3.5 years strategy consulting
Good extra curriculars
Decent acads
Whats ur profile ?
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Congratulations !!!
I got through NUS!!! Received a mail from them today after exact 3 weeks since my interview
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I submitted my application by 24-25 Jan 2012. I got an interview call on 9-10 Feb for an interview on 20 Feb. I was interviewed by a prof. I knew the prof. who would be interviewing me as the adcom team had sent the details. The prof. was from the Strategy Dept. as I had chosen that as my first...
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hi aimhigh whats ur profile ?