New Program (Masters in Management) - London Business School GMAT Accepting B-Schools

I was planning to post this in one of the existing LBS threads but it would not have received the required visibility considering the programs reach. This is a good option for fresh graduates and those with near one year experience.
LBS has announced today a new degree program Masters in Man...
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Any1 applying this year ?
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    its looks to be really a good course but wat kind of job profile will one get after completeing this course and are any similar courses in US top Bschool mainly looking for enterpinership
    hi Govi
    that was some fantastic information..... thanks for the effort pal.......
    what i would like to know, though, is what kind of career profile can be a winning profile for gaining admission to this masters course.... i went through the requirements page, and found out that GMAT scores ...
    Guys. Even i have heard about this program and its sounds pretty good. Can any one please tell me whether they provide job placements after the Masters in Management at LBS.
    any applicants???
    can anybody elaborate te what to expect in d interview???
    This seems to be an excellent option for people who are relative freshers (with no experience or just about a year or less experience.
    The fee is about Rs. 18 Lakhs (Pound Streling 22,000) and living expenses may be another Rs. 9 Lakhs (about Pound Sterlings 10,000- 11,000).
    I think it is a...